The News Media Party

If you don’t know who Donald Trump is by now, you clearly have been living underneath a rock. Trump is like a wrecking ball in a china shop. I remember last election cycle when he tried to run for president, he never gained the momentum that he has now. Mitt Romney surpassed him despite making comments about the 47 percent and other nonsense. The whole point is that Trump seemingly came on the political scene this election on fire. He has thought about making presidential and governor bids in the past too but none like this.

Donald J. Trump is a political flip flopper. He has been a liberal, independent and republican. He is an unconventional business man filing for bankruptcy four times. He is a gambler. He is a hot head and extremely famous world-wide. I never watched his show apprentice but I heard it was entertaining.  Trump’s political ambitions are admirable and probably meant to do good. However his rhetoric is off the wall and his strategy is totally foreign to any political race I have witnessed in my life.

What strikes me about Trump’s political success (dare I call it that?) is how he is the front-runner in a party that is broken in many ways. Despite being the least likely candidate to have success, he has made himself a legitimate threat. I disagree on nearly all his views. Being a libertarian with conservative economic views and liberal social views, I almost never take an extreme view. Trump isn’t winning any etiquette awards. Despite all of his extremism and crazy rhetoric he has managed to build a lead over any other republican candidate. Polls have winning 25 percent of vote or more. However, Trump is still losing to Bernie Sanders from Vermont. After the first debate, I decided to read some articles about why Trump was so popular. What I found is that people who were interviewed said that he could be trusted. They even went so far to say that he has a regular guy type of feel. The irony is that Trump was born with a sliver spoon in his mouth and is nowhere close to a blue-collar worker. I remember in one article, a person basically said they didn’t exactly think he would be the greatest president but they felt that he meant what he said.

Is Trump’s crazy rhetoric really roping in voters because they can relate to him? Unfortunately, I believe that the answer is yes. HIs rhetoric might be crazy but I guess it speaks to the average American voter. I personally don’t think we need a business man in office. The problem is that businesses make profits. The government needs to make equal. Unless Trump can fit into his platform the promise that our national debt will disappear because of his superior business acumen then I don’t know if it’s the best fit for a president. The point being that his platform is not what really has him in the lead.

I believe Trump has been able to cash in on a different type of vote machine. A machine that Obama tapped during his runs. The media has been hijacked by Trump.  Especially the News Media, you turn on any news channel and you can find Trump. Obama was able to use social media to his advantage and it worked to his credit.  Trump is using the news media. Its been almost an overnight transition for him too. Just a few months ago there was only speculation about Trump running. Then in June he announced. The first debate has come and gone. Now it seems he is being supported and ripped apart by the media. It doesn’t seem to matter either. Trump has taken the old saying “No publicity is bad publicity” to a new level. Its outrageous.

Trump says he is a republican, but he literally hijacked the republican party into the News Media party. Instead of staying in line and taking the usual GOP stance, Trump has turned it upside down. HIs exchange with Megyn Kelly literally made him more popular than ever before. The problem with Trump’s hijacked republican party and News Media party is that its corrupting what politics is really about. The issues that are stake are being missed because the news media has taken his antics as way to get ratings. The news channels like fox news, cnn and others are all giving Trump their support. This normally would not work for a traditional candidate. Usually If a republican candidate does something crazy, cnn and msnbc will all over it, making him or her pay the price in support. Not Trump, he can literally say or do anything with little consequence. I hope this is not a sign of the future. Its evidence of many things wrong in politics. I think the biggest thing is that money has corrupted the whole process.

When you consider that a candidate needs at least a billion dollars to fundraise a campaign and that the media can just pick the winner and loser by their coverage. It makes politics more scary than ever. If Trump is able to win the primaries and there’s a good chance that he will; it should be a very interesting race. Bernie Sanders is also building some huge momentum. I will have a post on Bernie sometime. Thanks for reading!


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