Rand Paul 2016: The Application of Politics.

Rand Paul is a senator from Kentucky and another one of 20 something GOP candidates for the presidency. Rand Paul’s campaign was supposed to be one of the front-running candidates. He was trumped by the Donald Trump steam roller. Rand Paul is best known as the son of Ron Paul who made a few runs for the presidency in the past 30 years. None of them were that successful. I have this feeling it’s because Ron’s platform was extremely constitutionalist and for some reason voters are scared of people who want to follow the constitution strictly. Besides his famous father, Rand Paul on his own merits is known as conservative libertarian. The goal is primarily about shrinking government and allowing more freedom for businesses while at the same time restricting some personal rights for security. Rand Paul is also well-known for his charitable work as a doctor. Rand Paul is one those candidates that strikes my interest because of his political leaning and his platform.

Recently, Rand Paul created a new application for iPhone and android.  Its called “Rand Paul 2016”. The application seems to be well put together. When you first open it, a black screen with styled white and red letters reads “Rand”. With a little red flame above the “a”. Then you see a picture of him in the background with the date and time in a little blue circle. Then you can scroll down to see all different functions. The functions range from donations to news articles to his platform. His platform is what caught my attention. It seems smart of him to put this on the app. Many American voters are not caught up with each candidates platform. How could one possibly made a decision without reading a platform? FYI: A platform in the politic meaning is just a candidate’s agenda for if they become president.

My last post reviewed the economic part of democratic candidate Bernie Sanders platform. What I want to do in this post is just review some of the more interesting topics on Rand’s platform. The platform information comes near bottom of the app just before the “fun stuff” section which includes a photo booth and meme creator. (I love this!) When you arrive at “Rand on the Issues” you can scroll to the right to see all of them. One of Rand’s big points brought up in last debate is ending the NSA spying. The fourth amendment is what Rand cites as public protection from government spying. If you’re not familiar with fourth amendment, the basic protection is from unreasonable search and seizure. Over the years, many supreme court cases have expanded and expounded parts of it. The fourth amendment was actually made because before the American revolution, the British took the liberty of searching ships and cargo without warning. Especially when the British crown taxed many goods such as stamps and tea. The amendment has evolved to making it illegal to search a person without a warrant or reasonable cause. The controversy remains about what constitutes reasonable cause. However, Rand wants to apply this rule to the NSA.  I think that he has the right idea. We shouldn’t have to worry about our government spying on us. Although I have personally have nothing to hide, i still think its overkill to have be watching citizens phone records, emails and everything. There are 330 million people or so living in the USA, not everyone is a terrorist. Also when is the last time they caught a terrorist in the US because of the NSA spying? Let me know.

The NSA spying is just one of the many topics that Rand covers. Each topic has a few paragraphs about the issue and what Rand will do as president. The next topic, I want to look at is taxes. The old saying goes “There few certain things in life, like taxes and death”.  Everyone has to pay taxes so this should naturally be huge issue. Referring back to my last post which is linked above, Bernie Sanders wants to tax the rich more. Rand Paul takes a different approach. First, he wants to scrap the entire tax code. This he claims will institute a 2 trillion-dollar cut. Replacing the old tax code will be a 14.5 percent flat tax on individuals and businesses alike. In addition, the plan will eliminate many federal taxes like estate, telephone taxes and payroll taxes.  He calls the plan “The Fair and Flat tax”.  A few paragraphs after bashing Obama and politic ramble, he gets to job creation and savings. Rand claims from research done by the heritage foundation–a think tank, that it will create 1.4 million new jobs in 10 years. He also claims that the first 50,000 dollars of income won’t be taxed. These are some bold claims.

To Rand’s credit, he is decreasing the world’s highest corporate taxes. I strongly believe that a flax tax is a good thing at least to start. The critics will say that the flat tax isn’t fair because the rich don’t pay enough or the poor pay too much. It’s all nonsense. A flat tax would work especially if set at the correct percentage. Rand wants to establish a 14.5 percent tax. I’m no math genius but percentages can work like ratios. The basic idea is that even though everyone is paying the same percentage, the amount of money being paid depends on how much money you make.  Lets say there’s two families of four. Family A makes 100,000 dollars a year. Family B makes $200,000. Family A paying 14.5 percent tax would have 7,250 in taxes. Family B paying 14.5 percent would have 21,750  in taxes. Remember in his plan each family would have the first 50,000 dollars tax-free. My point here is that yes if you make more money you pay more. However, it’s still fair because the percentage is exactly the same. Compare his plan to the rich paying less than the middle class. I really have to commend Rand Paul because I think starting out in a fair tax rate is smart. If he is elected and he institutes this plan successfully, then he could always lower or raise it as needed.

The last two issues I want to briefly discuss is healthcare and national security. Rand covers these two topics in much less than taxes. It’s actually kind of disappointing.  In the national security section, he mostly discusses how he would as president always consult congress. Of course, it’s mostly political but war is supposed to be approved by congress. Rand believes that this is only way that we should go to war. He does not state his intentions abroad other than standing with Israel. What I would really like to see is his take on the situation in Iran. I can infer from the fact that Israel is actually topic on his platform that his take is against the Iran nuclear deal. In no situation does one give Iran anything positive when supporting Israel. This is due to the nature of the mutual hatred. I just hope that Rand takes a more isolationist view for our sake because the America just cannot afford to be the world’s police officer.

On healthcare, Rand doesn’t dive into much details. He is against Obamacare. Not surprisingly. At this point almost anything is preferable to Obamacare. However, Obamacare has shown us what does not work. Rand writes that he believes in a free market system. The idea being that competitive health insurance companies would have to compete for customers with benefits and premiums. In theory this would bring excellent healthcare to millions. I heard mixed reactions to a free market system. Democrats don’t think that it will work. Meanwhile Republicans are all for it. I believe that free market is a good to a certain extent. There are still things that should be regulated. I do believe the government should regulate the insurance companies preventing monopolies and mergers. They also need to regulate scams and fraud because that can really hurt a system making it more costly. I hope that Rand can fine tune his “free market system” to truly help people.

Overall I really like the application. I think it’s a good creative to connect with millions of cellphone users. Especially those younger voters. It shows that Rand isn’t out of touch and even though his campaign isn’t like the grassroots social media force of Bernie Sanders or the News Media Party of Trump. Rand Paul takes a more conservative take on candidacy, pun definitely intended. I would personally say that I like Rand Paul. However, like with any candidate its good to read about their ideas on the issues. Sometimes, news coverage and popularity is not what makes a good president. At least thats not how its supposed to work.  (Download his Rand Paul 2016 in the Apple store or Play store on Android)

My next post coming soon. Thanks for reading!


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