GOP Debate Preview: The lesser Candidates

Thus far on this blog I have covered the likes of Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The Republican debate field is huge. With more than 20 candidates the upcoming debate on September 16th will have to segments. The first will feature those candidates polling at least 1 percent. The second tier in prime time will the front-runners like Trump and rest of the field. With the exception of Rick Perry who dropped out yesterday. Here is the line up for all GOP debates. The Republican field could leave any voter indecisive. In this post I want to cover a little bit about three of the other candidates. Candidates that have been overshadowed in some way by Donald Trump. I have chosen candidates that I feel actually have a legitimate chance at making a run. All these candidates will be in the second tier debate.

The three candidates are Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker. I personally don’t feel that any of these candidates would get my vote. However, it is still worth while to look at they offer compare to someone like Trump. The first candidate that I want to give a preview of is Ben Carson.

If you look at Ben Carson’s website it has two interesting pages. The first page is about Ben Carson and his life story. Dr. Carson is known as a retired neurosurgeon and well written author.  He first appeared in the 2014 midterm election. Dr. Carson now is running to be president 2016. The next interesting page on his website is about Dr. Carson’s political platform. Dr. Carson addresses many issues on page. Similar to other candidates he keeps most of the his take on issues very vague. Unfortunately there is not much detail. What I can gather by his vague outlines on each issue is that he is a run of the mill conservative. His views are in line with party principles. Dr. Carson could be a considered a moderate conservative because tends to play it safe. I think playing it safe with the issues can lead to people just over looking you. In my opinion, its nice that he is educated and charitable. However, if he wants to compete with Donald Trump; Dr. Carson needs to step up his game at the debate. The obvious thing would be to detail his views more, despite the quick time limits on speaking time. Dr. Carson if elected would be the second black president. Hopefully he can survive the storm that is frontrunner Trump.

The next candidate is Marco Rubio. A name made familiar by his run in Congress as a senator. Rubio has immigrant parents and could be appealing to a growing hispanic population. A population that will certainly have influence on future elections. You can read all about Rubio’s past here. His political platform is a page chalked full of articles on each issue. Unlike some of his opponents, he goes into some detail. I have to give him credit. In one of the issues, Student Loans, Rubio actually gives us a personal story about his experience. Here is a just a part of that story: (Or read it in full here)

“My first job paid well for a young attorney. I was making over $50,000, which was more than either of my parents had ever made. I thought I was rich. But I was living with my parents and paying them rent. I was trying to save for my wedding and hopefully to buy a house. And when the $1500 monthly bills for my loans started coming in, I realized I couldn’t pay them.”

Rubio wants to educate people about going college. According to his page, he offers statistics about how the job market for college graduates depends on what field you go into. But his main point is that students should know more about college and how to pick the right major and right college. In another issue on the page, Rubio has a very long speech on foreign policy. If I had to make a summary, it would probably be that Rubio wants to America to continue to be a world leader. He thinks that America should take a lead role in protecting the world and keeping our military strong. He cites many historical examples. His policy is very forward about establishing American power. Rubio is a typical conservative. His views have put him at the face of party at times. However, when looking at American policy from the past the establishing American dominance through military strength is outdated. Rubio is certainly a realist in that he thinks if America can out might everybody, we will always win. Unfortunately I have to disagree him. America already is the world’s most powerful military. Yet it still hasn’t been able to stop terrorists from forming groups and attacking. Now a days, Rubio might want to consider working with other countries even if they don’t necessarily agree with our democratic beliefs.

Rubio certainly makes for an interesting candidate. Once again though, I don’t know if he has the ammo to take on Trump. His detailed take on the issues could certainly help him stand out. In the debate he will also need to make sure his platform stands out from the rest. Standing out is definitely a common factor that all the candidates want to do.

The next candidate is Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He is currently the 45th governor of the state. Walker’s website features a brief story about him. Walker is  known for budget prowess and his war on labor unions. His site brags as much as it can about his record on budgets. My personal bias against Walker is that he has tried to cut teacher unions. I personally think that is a horrible thing to do. Teachers aren’t given any respect in this country. Walker isn’t making it any easier. One thing that seems to be missing from Walker’s site is a issues page. His page only has a news section which gives updated stories on Walker’s campaign. In my opinion, Walker does not have that stand out feature. Walker might be able to get us out of debt but I fear the consequences. Drastic change is good but only if the changes actually create a better America. If Walker can gain traction he might be able to swing some votes.* Of course, the national debt (Also on my home page)  is out of control, so I can’t disagree with him on the budget issues. Its more of how he will cut the budget. *Scott Walker has dropped out of the race as of 9/22.*

All of these candidates feature something for everyone. Each candidate must work defining their own niche within the political party that is the GOP. The debate will certainly be an interesting event. The main circus will be around frontrunner Trump. However, the other candidates will have to vie for attention and spotlight. Its not an easy thing to do. The debate will be on CNN at 6pm and 8pm.

Thanks for reading. Up next the Democratic Debate preview!


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