Bag of Opinions—Pope Francis, Rand Paul and 538?

The republican debate has been an interesting topic of discussion going forward. The candidates have been jockeying for position. The newsreel has been flooded with post-debate opinions and discussion about who will win. This post is meant for me to vent or give my two cents on some political happenings. Currently the pope is on his way to New York City. Pope Francis is a center of controversy in terms of politics. I also want to give an awesome review to what might be my favorite new website. I also want to discuss my experience since joining one of my favorite candidates campaign. There is one candidate who I feel that if put as the nominee I would vote for. I’ve spent the past few days trying to think up a good post. I’ve managed to come up a with few ideas and feel that none could fill a whole post.


If you haven’t heard yet, Pope Francis was in Washington DC yesterday. He flew to America to be greeted by President Obama and family. The pope was treated as esteemed diplomat. I can say that being religious I respect the Pope and his role as leader of the Catholic Church. Let’s put his religious roles aside. The Pope does have a strong following around the world. The Pope wisely uses it to help the various causes that the church supports. Pope Francis is unlike past popes because he is educated with degrees in Chemistry. The Argentina born Pope is quite accomplished. His political views are a little scary and a little unsurprising. He spoke to congress today. If the Pope could get congress to do something productive it would truly be a miracle. I’m only half-joking. Seriously, Pope Francis is against capitalism and consumerism. Thankfully he is still against marxism and communism.

Pope Francis is a smart man. A smart man who should realize that consumerism and capitalism make the world go round. I’m not entirely sure what his economic plan would look like. However, my speculation is that he is likes government controlled economies similar to Russia. This would make sense because the Church actively ruled economic conditions during the dark ages. This scares me because the dark ages didn’t work so good. Also Russia economic record isn’t exactly stellar.  Unfortunately, there is no substitute for free market capitalism. It does have its ups and downs but I think that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Besides the US government has a welfare system in place its just corrupted and not used correctly. President Obama has done his best to help job growth and the economy. I applaud his efforts but its falling short. What needs to be done to help the poor is not more welfare, not more government programs  and not more government intervention.

Pope Francis has a noble cause for being against consumerism and capitalism because he cares about the poor. He cares about people. The Catholic Church does a great job helping people. Now he is calling on congress to act. Unfortunately, both parties in congress on hung up on other issues. Planned Parenthood…. ISIS….. you name it. (Pope Francis would be on republicans side in the planned parenthood issue.) What Pope Francis should be urging congress and President Obama to do is to cut taxes for those in the lower brackets. Instead increasing taxes on the rich or tax cuts for the rich, the lower tax brackets should be cut. Welfare can only help so much. Imagine this: A family of four making less than 50,000 a year with no federal income tax. That would do wonders. Plus with the addition of a few select government programs being overseen correctly, it could help the poor and middle class more than ever. Not to insult Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton but raising minimum wage to 9 or 10 dollars nationwide might not hurt. The small increases will still allow businesses to hire.

I still really don’t know how to feel about Pope Francis meddling in politics. But I think if he is going to jump off the deep end that is what he should take aim at.


So there is a really cool website called FiveThirtyEight. It covers everything from sports to politics. Amazing articles and analysis on different topics.  FiveThirtyEight is one of those sites that does everything. Its so interesting too. I recommend reading a few articles. All of them are worth it. Their analysis on Scott Walker dropping out of the race are fantastic.  I even read an article on Jeb Bush and his tax plan. You can read here. It was really good.  This site is totally worth spending an hour to check it out. If you like football like me, I’m a huge New York Jets fan. Check out their predictions. Seriously cool stuff. I’m not known as a big math person but let me tell you that statistics becomes a hundred fold more interesting with sports.


A few days ago, I decided to sign up for Rand Paul’s campaign. In addition to signing up, I also inquired about any jobs because I’m interested in doing some campaign work. (If you happen to have connections with a campaign I’d be happy to know) So far I have received many emails urging me to donate. Which is to be expected. I did a review of Rand Paul’s application he made for his campaign so check that out. In that post, I noted that Rand is one of my favorite candidates because of political views. Rand is not your average republican. Rand is a conservative libertarian. So his views most closely resemble my own. However, Rand is not doing so well in the polls.  Unfortunately for me and a few million people the libertarian view is not popular. I urge you to check Rand’s website because I think he is a worthy candidate.


So thats all of my opinions for today. My next post will be either on an issue or a candidate. Most likely going to focus on a democratic candidate because obviously it will make for an interesting argument. I cannot wait for the democratic debate. It should be even more interesting than the republicans. Just a reminder that the democratic debate is October 13th. Thanks for reading!


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