Retired Doctors running for President and Planned Parenthood controversy: Punny?

It is fitting that I paired these two topics in this same post. Planned Parenthood and Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Before I start my rant about Dr. Carson, let me just clarify my bias by saying that I hate him probably more than Donald Trump. If you have read any of my other posts at least Trump has some respectable ideas with the exception of immigration. I swear to you that Dr. Carson is a cancer not a candidate! (Pun intended!) He might be a neurosurgeon but he is certainly NOT smart. He might be doctor but I think he has been prescribing himself drugs! I just cannot get over some of the comments he has made. For starters lets take this one: “Hitler Could Happen here“. He nearly compared President Obama with Hitler. Even I don’t love Obama but he certainly hasn’t purposely perpetrated a mass genocide of an ethnicity. Obama may have started a few wars but he hasn’t triggered World War 3 yet.  Jeez. If you read toward the bottom it gets worse! When asked about an emergency response to a natural disaster such as Hurricane Joaquin hitting the east coast. (Fortunately Its been forecasted to go northeast, thankfully.) His response? I. DON’T. KNOW. Let that sink in.

Am I overreacting to these statements made by Dr. Carson? Maybe. But still even Trump has not gone THAT far. Regardless of what he meant, he just doesn’t sound too smart. A presidential candidate should be polished and able to think critically about situations that could potentially threaten millions of lives. The answer to the hurricane hypothetical scares me the most. I think that he needs to think of an answer to how he might respond to a natural disaster because they do happen.  As for the Hitler comment, I just think that he is going a little too far. I get that people need to wake up before America turns into a dictatorship of hell. It’s not that I don’t agree either. It’s just he could have put it a little less bluntly.  However, I can also see how a dictatorship might be beneficial to America. We need a strong leader. We don’t need genocide or mass killings. That story is played out way too much.

Moving out to a different topic, Dr. Carson made some comments on the Syrian refugee crisis. As you can imagine once again, Dr. Carson totally missed the point of taking refugees. His islamophobia has clearly gotten the best of him. He fears that some of the refugees might be “extremists” and try to hurt America. Unfortunately, not all muslims are extremists and certainly not ones who are refugees in country where the extremists are ones forcing there to be refugees. If anything these poor Syrian people who are fleeing are more mad at Russia and President Putin. Putin has been intervening in the civil war in Syria. This intervention has been very controversial especially since President Obama has been strongly against it.  It’s not clear what Putin’s goals are but the point remains that Dr. Carson clearly is not understanding the situation in Syria. Dr. Carson should learn not to stereotype people because it’s not very nice and plus it tends to make them hate you even more.

I will end my rant about retired doctors running for president. My last two cents is that Dr. Carson is missing a few marbles. I guess its been working since his fundraising and polls have gone up.  Personally if you consider Dr. Carson a good candidate; I would take another look. For sake of us not putting another idiot in office.


Onto a more serious topic that affects one gender and sex almost 100 percent more than the other. Thanks to evolution or god or biology (whatever you believe) the female body is able to give birth. It’s both a miracle and a curse. Too often couples or females find themselves cursed. They get knocked up for various reasons ranging to accidents to rape. Regardless of the situation there is a government-funded program to help out. I won’t even touch abortion with a ten foot pole. (pun intended) The reason is arguing about abortions is like apples to oranges. In reality, the arguments you used for against are totally different things. It makes absolutely no sense.  That said I am pro-choice and I mean that by I believe that a woman should be able choose based on her circumstances.

That being said there was a big time argument over planned parenthood among the republican candidates. They only thing they agreed on was that it should be shutdown. (I disagree)  The center of controversy started with Carly Fiorina. She stated there was videos of fetal body parts being sold. Afterwards there was clamor about the videos not being real. Turns out they are real but they don’t really support her argument. Either way I really don’t care. The bigger issue is that republicans wanted to cut off funding for planned parenthood. Even going so far to shut down the government to do it. I think that planned parenthood should be the least of their worries. It really boggles my mind.

One result of their crazy attempt to shut down planned parenthood was the resignation of John Boehner. Boehner was the speaker of the house and will be out on October 31st. His resignation is a clear that the republican party is in a deep divide. Fortunately for women everywhere, he wasn’t going to allow a government shutdown in process of de-funding of planned parenthood. Boehner may not have been the best speaker, known for his orange glow and crying. However, you have to consider the lack of bipartisan work in congress over the past few years.

It’s hard to put into words the condition that troubles our government. Especially Congress, the inaction is just incredibly debilitating. In addition to the government dysfunction, we have these attempts to cut off important programs that actually do good for people. I understand cutting out Obamacare but why not cut things like the contracts with Halliburton, Lockheed Martin and Boeing just to name a few. Why not hold the Department of Defense accountable?  Why not retool the SNAP and food stamps program? Why not make welfare a little more true and transparent with things like drug testing. All I want to say in conclusion to a post that has been a LONG time coming, is that we need to further examine the issues that truly trouble our country. No matter who gets elected to president, they will almost certainly face the hardest times ahead of America. The future is so uncertain. The world dynamics are different now, it’s no longer the 20th century.  Globalization has taken full effect on our economy. The world is changing quickly. We need to respond and respond with changes that improve lives.

Thanks for reading!!!


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