Election Natural Selection- Survival of the Politic.

One of my favorite scientist has the best theories. I would say that this scientist is just behind my number one favorite scientist, Albert Einstein. Charles Darwin is my second favorite. Who better to represent the presidential election race? Darwin theories on life and evolution both revolutionized the way we think about how the life cycle works. His theory on natural selection works perfectly for both politics and comedy. (The comedic version is that only the smart people rise to top) In politics, there is especially in today’s election a vicious cycle. It’s a survive or die mentality. We have seen two candidates drop out already. (Rick Perry and Scott Walker) The vicious cycle that represents an analogous version of Darwin’s natural selection is one of candidates putting themselves on the line with issues that could potentially swing voters. The hot button issues in this election seem to be numerous. Of late, it seems gun control could determine a candidate’s place in the polls.

In my one of my other  post I dove into the deep controversy about gun control. Gun control tends to be a tricky issue because is almost impossible to eliminate guns or arm everyone and expect it not to turn into the wild west. Yet it is an issue that continues to run rampant with mass shootings every month it seems. The worst part is that no matter how much political clamor occurs, there is still no real action. Let’s be real that whatever regulations are in place are not working. It makes me angry that there is still gun free zones. The irony is that a gun free zone is a perfect place for someone who gives a shit about gun free zones to go and shoot up. The most common gun free zones? Schools, Colleges. So why do shooters keep going to our schools? GUN FREE ZONES. No resistance. Granted, I’m not saying students need guns. But in some states they are allowing teachers to have them. Rightfully so.  Not to drag this on but the first politician to eliminate the gun free zone will be my hero. At least, there is a small shift within the democratic party towards some type of gun control.

In other news, an interesting article came out with Politico Magazine: “Illegal Immigrants could elect Hilary”. I read this article and found to be really interesting. I recommend giving the piece a full read through before reading my comments. By now you have probably realized that I am a huge stats nerd. The piece goes into depth how Illegal immigrants could swing the election toward a democratic candidate. Interestingly the electoral college votes given to each state are determined by population. The law doesn’t define what counts as population so therefore everyone counts. Basically, the democratic candidate could possibly get four electoral votes. That is pretty big. You only need 270 electoral votes to win an election. (out of 538… fun fact same number of congress people) I actually wrote a post detailing why we should trash the electoral college because it’s outdated. This is an interesting notion that could illegals actually have a say in the election.

The other side of this issue is the illegal immigration that continues to cause problems. The biggest voice on this issue has always been Donald Trump. If Trump was smart and if he read my blog (LOL good joke), he would most definitely take this little article and use it to push his immigration plan. He would be smart to jump on it first because the worst nightmare of any GOP’er would be another democratic in office. (Let’s go libertarians!) It would certainly be a good rallying cry to help gain votes. Even though Trump may have a hard time convincing people that he’s not a racist. But, its a fair point to bring up that people who technically have no right to decide the election are actually helping decide it with their illegal presence. However, rumblings within predictions are calling for a landslide election — this remains to be seen. Regardless of the controversy surrounding illegal immigrants and what to do with them, i find it interesting that have this much impact on the election. This is deeper than the usual economic narrative. (A few years ago I swear that Trump could have been my hero, so young and stupid I was)


With so many drama queens in this presidential election, it is almost cliche to say this: Joe Biden is creating drama around his candidacy. There is a lot of speculation around Joe Biden. He certainly is an intriguing candidate. The current Vice President according one of the links predicting the race, Biden was polling at 20 percent nationally. Pretty damn good if you ask me. Awhile back I wrote about Biden and his candidacy, at that time he was basically denying any chance. I think that he has a good shot to win if he does enter. Obviously, I think we can expect him to be a moderate democratic. Taking the usual stances on minimum wage, gun control, and healthcare. I’m not completely sure where he stands on all issues but its a good guess that he holds mostly democratic points of view. (In my own view I would probably disagree with him on all issues) In determining whether or not Biden will run you have to look at the current situation. I can understand why he would wait. You have Hillary with a large lead over Bernie Sanders. The other candidates still in the race are inconsequential.  I would bet you he is waiting to see who will be leading come January.

Biden has to consider which democratic candidate he would rather face. In addition, he should not wait too long to jump in because the democratic party is only having six debates. (albeit controversial) If Biden misses chances to debate with his fellow candidates it could hurt or help him depending on how much mudslinging goes on. I would have to think this a tough waiting game for Biden. Looking at from a GOP point of view, you have to hope that Biden jumps in and steals some votes from either Hillary or Sanders or BOTH. This is what Biden wants to avoid for sure.

To bring this vicious cycle of politics to a close, you can see how politics truly is natural selection. A game of jockeying and mudlslinging, it never ceases to left everyone insult and nobody happy. Politicians tread a fine line between self interests, party interests and interests of their constituents. The democratic debate is October 13th. I hope you are as excited as I am. I am looking forward to hearing Hilary and Bernie battle it out. Even better is that I disagree with them so it should be fun pick apart later. Thanks for reading!!!


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