The Retirement Bubble and Young voters: Why they matter!

I have written numerous articles about the political candidates and the hot button issues at hand in this coming election. I have written articles urging young people to vote. My pleading and urging seems to have fallen on deaf ears. No matter how many times I write about the subject it feels like nothing ever changes. I only know a few people that actually care to participate in politics. Its pretty sad that I’m 25 years old and I don’t know many other people who like me, vote. The topic has once again crept into my life. I attended an seminar for a job opportunity. The whole seminar was based on financial security. (Selling insurance is complicated)  Anyway, the presenters talked about how people don’t know how to manage their money. People don’t know shit about retirement. Especially the younger generation. Its pretty common knowledge that retirement for people born after 1980 is going to be nonexistent.

There are numerous reasons for this. Most of which are political in nature. However, the biological fact is that after world war 2 there was a boom in babies born. These group of people could include grandparents and parents. Mine or yours. This generation of baby boomers is hitting retirement age. (65, a center of controversy in itself) The amount of retirees will soon exceed the amount of money and workers in the current social security system. So you say: ok so thats why us 20 somethings have no retirement?

True. However, in addition to the surging amount of retirements there have been other developments. For example, with the advancements of modern medicine, people are living longer. This creates problems because the money needed for retirement increases with age. Combine this with the fact that US government has taken somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 trillion dollars out of social security since the 1980s. The rational is that they are borrowing the money. More like stealing because it has never been paid back. Social security is still solvent for a couple more years, last I heard it was maybe 25 years. So you say: Ok so Reagan and Bush Sr screwed us over and social security is toast.

The blame could be placed equally on any US president who “borrowed” from social security. But I think that the biggest problem isn’t that the government steals from the social security fund or even that the retirement bubble that I explained will eventually cripple all retirement. I feel that the deeper problem is something that no candidate can fix. Candidates only focus on the cosmetic issues. Issues that may be not as important as the deeper more complex ones. I’ve said this before and I will keep repeating it. Cosmetic fixes won’t work. Real change and real action is needed.

Whats the problem you ask? Why does retirement even matter to us 20 somethings? Well, my friends it is the future. Surely everyone thinks about the future. The future is something many look forward to. It also something that many try to predict. Unfortunately, the future is looking pretty bleak. One reason for this is the same big problem that I see with retirement issue. The problem is: YOUNG VOTERS DO NOT VOTE IN ELECTIONS. How much clearer can I make this? The facts are that young people don’t seem to give two shits about the outcome of their futures.

Call me crazy. Call me old. I believe that I’m actually wise. I’m not blinded by the usual things like social media, tv or drugs. Sure, I go on facebook as much as anyone. Sure, I watch tv all the time. (being unemployed sucks) Sure, I get drunk every once awhile. But despite that, I don’t drink the kool aid.  I am a firm believer that young people should vote because it could matter. If all the 18 year olds to 29 year olds were to vote, we would have the biggest majority in the US. Us 20 somethings have an advantage similar to what the baby boomers have now. Except the fun part is that were young and the old farts are dying! Meaning that our group is growing quicker. We have the majority.

However, unfortunately most young people neglect to see this. Typically responding to why they don’t vote because “it doesn’t count” or “I’m not interested in politics”. Excuse me. Ok first of all, your vote alone may not mean nothing. But if a million votes could change the outcome of an election and your one vote helps make that million. I think that counts big time. Second of all, how the FUCK can you be NOT interested in politics? Ok I get it, you don’t wanna watch or listen to the bullshit on tv. Me neither. But you should most definitely be interested in your future. So when your 65 or more likely 70, and you want to retire to travel the world or spend time with grandkids but you can’t because you have no retirement money due to the government’s inability to fix social security. Especially if you only manage to make the average income which is now about 53,000 dollars a year per person. How much money do you think you can save while you have a family? You will have too much stuff to pay for. Saving money is nearly impossible now. We live in a spend first society.

So when your 70 and you have no retirement, you will be working a shitty job because you can’t afford to retire. At least, you can think about how in your 20s, your ignorant bliss let you have a blast! I think that working when I’m 70 or older would be terrible. I honestly don’t wanna do that. I started working when I was 16. So to avoid this miserable future, you should vote. Vote for politicians that will help young people get retirement. Vote for someone that will fight the issues that matter to you. For example, you may have college debt. I know that I do, about 60k deep. I don’t understand how or why young voters refuse to participate in democracy.

We don’t want to end up like the current generation of retirees. When social security first started in the 1940s there was 14 workers for every retiree. Now there is 3.  Meaning only 3 people pay into social security for each retiree. America can turn around but it will young voters to do that. We can’t let the old farts ruin our future. We will inherit their huge mess. Many of us are already feeling the effects. There is reason why I’m unemployed with a college degree. There is a reason why millions of other people with college degrees are also unemployed or under-employed. The older generation is working longer, staying in the jobs that people like me or possibly one should be working.

My conclusion is that young people need to wake up. Get on social media and encourage others to vote. Voting is just one of the many ways we can shape the future. If you are 18 you should vote. If you are 29 then start voting. We have the numbers but we don’t use them. Vote Vote Vote!!!!


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