Flint Water Crisis and why political leaning doesn’t matter!

So by now you have likely heard about the lead posioning in the water in Flint, Michigan. If you haven’t the long story short is that the mayor of Flint, Michigan switched the city’s water source from Detroit city water to a nearby river. The resulting switch caused old pipes to erode lead into the water. The city appearently knew months in advance that the water was being posioned by lead. The evidence is still being collected on exactly how it all went down. I won’t sit here and try to defend either the mayor nor the city nor justify what happened. My focus is strictly on the political aspect of the situation. With the two major parties at ever growing odds the political battle is being fueled by incidents like this and others. (See Oregon Standoff, I get to that later) The water crisis in Flint was quickly a national story and lead to many donations of money and water to the residents of Flint.

The most heat is on the mayor of Flint who is a woman of the Democratic party and the governor of Michigan Rick Synder who is Republican. The reason behind the switch was because of money. The state of Michigan is a complete mess so its not surprising that city of Flint decided to switch to a cheaper source of water. Besides the obvious money problems and major health risks this incident has caused intense political backlash. The Governor of Michigan has taken a beating in the press because he appearently has not done enough to help the situation. The mayor, Karen Weaver has also took some of that heat. 

However, I can’t totally blame her for wanting to find a cheaper water source. The taxes in Flint are probably high enough already. I think the real problem is that the mayor decided not use the many government resources to help the switch a success. Its funny because the democrats talk up a big government but then when its a critical issues of health and safety there is no government interference. So its pretty obivous that the mayor didn’t make sure to check the pipes and didn’t bother to test it out til later. It probably also would have been helpful to come out with this information right away. I heard a report that city officials fudged the numbers on lead levels. Who knows? So to avoid this crisis what should have the mayor have done? Let me give you a hint its nothing poltiical, its pratical.

The very first thing that Mayor Weaver should have done was had expert on water pipes examine the pipes to used to carry to the new water to the city. Make sure theres no LEAD or leaks or other toxins. Then depending on the results, obviously there was lead so she should have called up Rick Synder and said listen we got lead pipes. Call up the EPA. The EPA or enviornmental protection agency would come in and take care of lead. By the way, EPA is a government agency paid for by us the taxpayers. After that, have another expert examine and have a third party water chemical test done. Then finally let the water flow to the people of Flint. This is common sense and pratice. No politics here.

The thing that bothers me about the incident is the lack of government oversight. It really shows that politicans just pay us lip service where it comes to big government making our lives better. That is just untrue and false. The fallacy of government being a good caretaker is a lie. Its a lie believed by both democrats and republicans. However, I think that liberals tend to be more guilty. This water crisis could have been easily avoided. The mayor and governor both have the resources within the federal government to get some oversight and help ensuring the health and safety of the people of Flint. Its really frustrating to hear that our elected officials are so incompent. If i was a resident of Michigan I would demand them to both stepdown. Its fucking stupid.

Rick Synder, the governor of Michigan has taken a lot of heat espeically from the liberal media because appearently its his fault and he didn’t do enough. Clearly, the media is out for this governor because he’s a republican and because they can attack him. Although he might be somewhat to blame, you can’t put direct blame on him. He didn’t make any of the bad decisions. His response would never make any liberal or victim totally happy. Its impossible, he doesn’t have enough money in the world. So let’s disregard his response because someone will always think its not enough. The fact remains that the parties love to attack each other over incidents such as this water crisis. Its actually tragic that this has to be a political issue. When I clearly see no political wrong doing. Don’t get me wrong though because its a public relations nightmare and a total incompent handling. I just don’t understand why the vicious political attacks because it solves nothing. The problem still remains that government has FAILED to protect citizens.

This is why when you hear a democrat or republican talk about the government providing something just remember that your paying for it and you might not get you pay for. Also politicans are known for false promises and lies, even if they sound honest. Not mentioning any names but to me almost every candidate from each party fits this description. Another incident, totally unrelated is the Oregon standoff. The occupation of a federal mail outpost in rural oregon by ranchers. I read a few articles and I don’t want to get too deep in to this. The point of the occuation is bascailly a protest against the government taking over ranchers land. More Specifically two ranchers went to jail over an buring incident on government land. The government owns most of the land out west and sells it. The problem for the ranchers is that they need a lot of land and the government can control the price. So bascially, instead of getting market value the ranchers are force to buy above. These ranchers in Oregon are knuckleheads. I think that the land should be sold off out of government control. I think method of protest gets the point across but it also makes more enemies. This Oregon standoff is another firing point of liberals. Once again, its not very political. It just so happens that these ranchers are republican. But it means nothing. The fact is that the government shouldn’t be the main land owner out west. Why not make the land productive by selling fairly to ranchers?

The incidents are like bombs in a political stalmate. There is no end to battle so they take these happenings and turn them into firepower. It crazy and dumb. My point of this post is to specifically dispell the craziness of these political spun incidents. The simple facts for the Flint water crisis is that the government officals failed to make sure the water pipes were safe. The mayor and her staff are incompent. Thats the end of it. Next time, a mayor decides to switch a water source for savings make sure you check the pipes and water for toxins. Its just common sense right? This all being said, its a tragedy for the people of Flint who have been affected. I hope that the officials of Flint and Michigan can at least get these people some good water without breaking the bank.

Thanks for reading!


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