The Appeal of Socialism- What is it?

Socialism seems to be all the rage now a days. As evidenced by the rise of Bernie Sanders and his socialist platform. This post will be merely an exploration in situations and circumstances that socialism claims to fix. Socialism is by definition, the government or community setting the goals for everything in everyday life. The goals are usually to achieve as close as possible a Utopian society that is controlled by the community. The idea that a community is able to control the political atmosphere dates back to Pluto and Socrates and ancient Greece. However, socialism usually some economic sacrifices for the good of the community. I can agree that socially speaking you should be able to do anything within the limits of reason. If it doesn’t hurt anyone then it should be allowed. The problems I have come with the economic goals and policies used.

For example, lets pretend that you have two countries of equal population, similar economies and similar racial makeup, diverse. In country A, you have a  political system that promotes equality in people, wealth and politics. Country A, has free education and free healthcare. But it also has a huge deficit, no job growth and high poverty. In country B, you have a subsidized education system, a private market healthcare system. Country B also has a wealth gap between non-managers and executives. It has low unemployment and a lower minimum wage than Country A. Country B doesn’t use race or origin to determine job status or eligibility but it uses merit. Country A uses an affirmative action program to help with diversity. So what is the difference between Countries A and B?

Country B is a capitalist nation and Country A is a socialist one. Obviously, America is somewhere in between. I want you to think about which country you would prefer? Keep in mind that Country B has low taxes and Country A has high taxes. Country B uses a flat tax at a percentage that everyone pays equally. Country A uses heavy taxes on everyone including wealthier to help pay for everything.  Which one sounds better?

If you picked B then congratulations, your a capitalist. If you picked A then I’m sorry but you may be socialist. My point is that America could go in either direction. The problem I have is that socialism doesn’t sound  that appealing. Let’s take employment for example. The employment rates are extremely different in capitalist and socialist countries. The reason for this is wages and taxes. The capitalist nation uses a flat tax that takes a percentage and taxes everyone across board on their income. This tax is fair and if loopholes are eliminated can be very effective. Meanwhile, the socialist nation has high taxes that take most of everyone’s income especially the wealthy. Its not fair nor right. I don’t believe in taxing one bracket more heavily than another. I believe that is called stealing.

However, aside from taxes you also the base wage or minimum wage. Capitalist let the market decide the wage. Of course, any good government needs to have some regulation and might set a standard. In any economy you don’t want your lowest level workers to make as much as more skilled and educated ones. In a socialist nation, the minimum wage is set high to ensure equality for all. The downside to this policy is that companies have to either lay off employees they can’t afford or raise prices. It seems to me that being in a capitalist nation would be more beneficial knowing I could start from the bottom and work my up. I won’t have to worry about being taxed more. In addition, I would have incentive to work because of the opportunity to make more money. I don’t find this same kind of incentive with a socialist policy. I know I will be doomed to work for minimum wage because everyone else who doesn’t the skills I do, can easily get the same job.

Okay, so you are not convinced that capitalist nation is better than socialist nation yet? Really? Oh you say “despite the high taxes and little advancement opportunity, I think the promise of free healthcare and free college education is amazing!” You might think that but when does the word “free” actually mean cost nothing? In this case, never. The socialist nation has a high taxes for a reason and that is to pay for those free programs. Healthcare is never free. The socialist government is merely using your taxpayer money to pool into a healthcare system for everyone even the people who are unemployed for 10 years on purpose. Free education also sounds great, except that once again the government is using your money. So my friends, nothing is free except Chuck Norris. (hahaha) BAM!

On the contrary to that system, there is way to affordable healthcare and education! If you move to the capitalist nation both healthcare and education are not free but reduced either by taxes or competition or both. Let me explain. So a private market healthcare system is where the healthcare providers compete for customers based on their services. If company A has a better program with a cheaper price then company  B will go out of business. The government’s role is to make sure its a fair competition and that the consumer is safe. Pretty simple right? What about education you ask. Well, in the capitalist nation, education is what we call subsidized. The government uses a small portion of tax money revenue to help students pay for college as needed. Instead of loaning the money out through big corporations or banks, the government grants the money to students starting with those who need it most. Each student gets a portion of his or her tuition paid for. Any student can apply and most would get it if their parents are within the income range. This is subsidized education.

I think that my point is well proven. I have illustrated some key issues using some fake scenarios and real solutions. Obviously, all of this is very general and non-specific. However, the reasons why I don’t find socialism are quite obvious to me. Socialism doesn’t offer the opportunity, freedom of choice, incentive or common sense to empower people to be truly free. It tends to limit the boundaries of what one can do. While I like the goals of making everyone be equal in pay and race. I also know that realistically it cannot happen. People are not perfect and neither is a system of government. You can’t force people to change instantly and you can’t make people forget about the past. All you can learn from past mistakes and hope to make a difference for the future. I believe that weight of racism and socioeconomic gaps is on you. Its on yourself to do something about it. The government can’t handle it and shouldn’t handle it. When the government tries to handle it, you get police oppression and riots.

So, I am speaking almost directly to Bernie Sanders supporters and all people from any party. But we need to seriously consider the consequences of using destructive policies in this great nation. We must remember that our country was built on capitalism and freedom of religion. It was built on a revolution that was established to break away from unfair taxes. Our founding fathers worked hard to develop a system of government that never had been used before. It turned to be the most successful. We should not turn our backs on capitalism because some government officials are out of line. We can fix the government and go back to what made us strong. In order to do that, we need to take back financial responsibility and accountability in our government.

Vote wisely, think independently. Thanks for reading!




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