Become a Libertarian, Today.

A variation of this article will be posted on (December 1st)

I typically start my post with some current event relating to the information that I’m about to drop some knowledge on. However, today I want to go about this post differently. I have decided to actively push for more people to switch to the Libertarian party. At the very least, I would like to see more people consider it as an option. At best, I think if more people were to vote libertarian, it would force the government to recognize it and more importantly the mainstream media. So in this post, my main point is that you should consider and become a libertarian today, right now. You should weigh the odds and differences between being whatever you are now and being libertarian. Whether you are a democrat or republican, the libertarian has something for you. I urge you to consider the following:

The differences between the left and right are not very different at all. The democrats and republicans might say different stuff and give different reasons but their goals are the same. The ends are the same and means are different. However, in modern day politics there is more than one way to “skin a horse” or get things done. Here I am going to list the differences between Democrat and Republican.



Slightly lower taxes


Pro Choice

Slightly higher taxes

Now here are just some of some of the things both Democrats and Republicans support: Medicare, Medicaid, Foreign Wars, Social Security, War on Drugs, Patriot Act, Bailouts, The federal reserve…etc.etc. You might say “Big whoop de doo! I like my government programs” or maybe “Oh but we need those things to function as a country.” Right we need some form of them to function but the fact is that government doesn’t need to run them all. Government is worst babysitter because they do the most expensive and inefficient way. Let’s take social security for example.

Social Security was created in the 1930s by Franklin Roosevelt to help with Great Depression. The absolute worst economic crash to ever happen. It quite literally liquidated banks and put millions out of work. Such an extreme depression caused the need for extreme measures. Unfortunately, even after World War 2 when the US came out of the depression as the world’s number one power, we still continued these measures. Social Security was meant as retirement fund to help people save for retirement. It worked just fine until two things happened. First, the number of workers putting money into the system started to decrease in the 1970s through now. Second, the government under Reagan and again under Clinton withdrew funds from social security to pay for government expenses. Now in 2016, social security is due to be insolvent by the 2020s. The government should have never pulled out money from it. The problem is only made worse by the fact that all the baby boomers are retiring and withdrawing their share. Baby Boomers refer to people born just after World War 2.

Become libertarian because you should not trust the government with your retirement. Social Security should not even be government run. Any private bank can help you save for retirement. There is no reason especially if you are younger than 40 years old to have to pay into social security. The reason is that you won’t get any of that money when you retire.

Healthcare is another reason to become a libertarian. The healthcare system is a mess and its not just Obamacare. Medicaid and Medicare are also struggling with funding. The government is once again messing with private citizens and their ability to afford healthcare insurance. The problem with government run healthcare is that it reduces the speed and frequency of checkups. Just look at Canada, the wait times for time sensitive healthcare procedures can be deadly, because it takes so long.  The other problem is cost. Canadians and other countries came to America for surgeries because of the speed and relative superiority of our healthcare system. You might have heard Obamacare is supposed to make healthcare affordable for everyone.

Yes, the key phrase is supposed to. Obamacare is not what it seems. On some level Obamacare technically violates the constitution (Supreme Court ruled it doesn’t but I disagree.) because it forces everyone have healthcare insurance or pay a penalty. This I believe this is wrong. It should be a choice not a mandatory statue from the government. Despite Obamacare being mandatory, it also expensive. Usually healthcare insurance companies must compete with each other to gain consumers and make money. The better the insurance, the more money they can charge. However, if they charge way more than their competitors that offer a similar plan then one will have to lower or go out of business. In Obamacare, certain insurance companies are picked by the government to gain consumers via Obamacare. This eliminates the competition, price check and quality of the insurance because no matter what these companies are gaining paying consumers who are legally obligated to pay.

Does this system sound fair to you? If not, then become a Libertarian because you shouldn’t be forced into paying for ridiculous and arbitrary healthcare programs. Healthcare should be run privately with healthcare insurance companies competing by offering the most coverage for a cheap price.  Another reason to become a libertarian is taxes. Do you hate paying taxes? Do you feel like your taxes aren’t really use to your benefit? Do you think you pay too much taxes?

I noted that one of the differences between Democrats and Republicans is taxes. Obviously with these two parties you have a choice of lower or higher taxes. I personally was a republican when I was first eligible to vote. One of the appeals of the Republican party was lower taxes. How does no taxes sound to you? Impossible?

Yes, that is right. No taxes. Libertarians believe that there no should be no income tax or any tax really. Of course, its hard to imagine a world without taxes. Libertarians are under the belief that government has one job and that job is stay out of your business. The government’s duties as laid out in the constitution don’t necessary say they have to be involved with every little decision you might make. In fact the founding fathers wanted our government to less intrusive because we just split off from a Monarch who taxed colonies without regard to their opinions. The rallying cry was “No Taxation without Representation”. In order to get to “no taxes” it would take a lot of work. However, I think that more importantly its a philosophy. The philosophy that government should only tax the bare minimum it needs to do its constitutional duties.  In today’s tax heavy world, I think we should look to decreasing the federal budget in places where we spend too much such as the military and other unnecessary government programs.

If anything I have explained actually makes sense its because you should be libertarian. Libertarians are a small but growing political party that believes both Republicans and Democrats are full of shit. Those shitbags are ruining Congress. We need to wake the fuck up. Seriously. Our government has spent trillions of our taxpayers dollars. We have nothing to show for it. We need to hold government accountable. That’s what I believe Libertarians are about. We are government skeptics NOT what the media portrays us as people who want anarchy. We just believe in freedom. We believe in what the founding fathers saw as their vision for this country. A nation truly free from government domination.

So please, consider becoming Libertarian. Gary Johnson is a solid libertarian candidate for President. I would strongly consider googling him and look at his issues. You might find that Libertarian is for you!

Thanks for reading!


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