Abortion: Controversy over Life’s Beginning

Abortion is not a topic that I typically write about in much depth. I usually avoid it because it brings into contention some very strong opinions. It has religious and governmental impacts. Perhaps most importantly it involves a decision that could affect the potential life of a human. In this post, I will share my own personal view. Then I will share some alternate views of both sides. The recent comments made by Donald Trump have sparked a new outrage. In this post, I won’t be trying to be persuade you of either view but rather trying to convince you that the arguments for and against Abortion are largely flawed. Again this is my own personal view NOT necessary correct or right.

Personal View:

I consider myself to be pro-choice. I think that its reasonable for women to have a choice under certain circumstances. Those circumstances in my opinion are when a woman is raped or the woman has a serious medical  condition that could hurt her. I don’t believe that the government should pay for any abortions. I think that if you can’t afford it then adoption is a better option. In a perfect world, I think that adoption should be the first consideration then if one of the above circumstances exist then abortion should used as a last resort.

Pro-Choice: The belief that women have a choice of whether to have an abortion or not.

Pro-Life: The belief that women should not have abortions because life starts at conception.

The difference between two views is the idea of choice and no choice. The problem with the abortion argument is that Pro-Lifers will argue that life starts at conception and therefore any sort of abortion at any time is basically murder. Meanwhile, a pro-choicer will say that life starts after certain period of time usually as ruled in Roe V. Wade (1973) and that the woman has a right to choose. The argument and controversy has no stasis. Stasis is basically an equal argument with an opposite reasoning. For example, if I argue against a minimum wage and say that it will decrease jobs creation. Someone could argue that it puts more money in people’s pockets to spend. (assuming you don’t raise taxes too). Stasis is badly needed in the abortion argument.

The real controversy is over when life begins and the choice. These are two very different things. I believe that life does begin at conception, however I think that its unfair for a women to force to have a baby that she never wanted or asked for. Of course, being a man I won’t ever to go through that. I can empathize with all women in being forced to have a baby after going through a traumatic experience. I also think that science has pretty much settled that life begins at the fertilization of the egg. So I think the real argument is about choice. This is complicated by the morals of killing a potential life. I think its hard to argue on morality because morals are dictated by society and religion. When it comes down to choosing, I think it ultimately lies with the woman who is pregnant. Next time, you get in argument about Abortion just ask the person what they object to, the moral choice or the science. This way you can more effectively argue because science is easily proven.

Many times when talking about Abortion, I often hear people say that men have no say or men shouldn’t get an opinion. I get why some women might say this because it has always been men in government trying regulate abortion. But if there is a man who should have say its the man who gave you that baby. I also think that despite the problems with the morality of being pro-choice it seems like the best way to support equality for women’s rights. Like I explained earlier, there is only two circumstances when I would say an abortion is necessary. This is where I weigh the morals of killing potential life and forcing a poor victim of a evil crime like rape to be burdened by a child they didn’t want or can’t afford. I just think about how expensive the average child is, I read it can cost up to $250,000 to raise a child to age 18. I personally don’t find a justification in that case.

As for my mention about Donald Trump’s comments, all I will say is that he is right in line with the republican line of thinking on abortion. This is nothing new. For example, in Texas they shut down most of the abortion clinics so you actually have to leave the state to get one. One of the downsides to the republican ideology is that it puts religion before women’s rights. Unfortunately, the religion tends to be a little sexist. However, it shouldn’t be consider a sin to stand up for something like the right of making a choice.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about Abortion!




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