Remembering D-Day: The Beginning of the End

Today is June 6th, 2016. Approximately 72 years ago on June 6th, 1944, the United States started an invasion that would eventually end the war in Europe during World War 2. I want to quickly discuss the upcoming round of primaries before I talk about D-Day. Tomorrow marks the last big round of voting in the primaries. The outcome of New Jersey will likely be the decisive primary that will give Hillary Clinton the nomination. If you haven’t been keeping up on delegate count, Clinton is now  only 26 delegates away from winning the nomination. She needs 2383 delegates to win. She currently has 2357. unfortunately for Bernie and his fans there is a very slim chance for him to win. Barring any major shifts in superdelegates, it looks like Hillary will be the democratic nominee. Many people are still wondering if Hillary’s email scandal will disqualify her from the race. My personal thought is that because of how long this scandal has dragged on, and the fact that everyone in government sort of knew about it, she probably won’t be indicted anytime soon. unfortunately, her broad support from party officials and big money donors will make it harder for her to be pushed out.

That was my quick update on the current election, which you can expect a lot more posts about that in the future. I am looking forward to the debates between the two nominees. The clash of ideas and policies will create an interesting environment for conversation about the direction of the country. In the background of all that, we have all the skeletons that have been dredged up on each candidate. I can’t wait to see what happens. As I aforementioned in my first two sentences, today marks the 72nd anniversary of D-Day. To many people D-Day means almost nothing. If it does mean anything then its just a vague day that happened in World War 2 with beaches. D-Day is actually rather complex and interesting. D-Day was a code word invented by the Allies, namely the Commander of the European Theater: Dwight D. Eisenhower.  He was the mastermind behind the brilliant plan to free Europe from Hitler’s grip.

Instead of recounting the whole back story and everything about D-Day, I will just opt for the most important part. This post could in some way be related to my memorial day post. I want to take some time to honor those soldiers who fought in D-Day. I have read many accounts about landing on those beaches in Normandy. I have watched Saving Private Ryan countless times. (By the way I would recommend watching it, the accuracy of the opening scene is incredible, link here) The bravery, courage and honor that those men showed has not been matched in my opinion since it happened. Not only did they die for their country but they also saved all of Europe and the world. D-Day was the beginning of the end, a turning point.

D-Day was far from a perfect operation. The weather didn’t cooperate and it was actually delayed by nearly a week. The beauty of D-Day was the cooperation of the allies. The US provide most of the war material like tanks, guns, boats, ammo and men. However, the British were instrumental in the positioning of the troops, planes and supplies. D-Day was simple invasion, in terms of how the troops would land. The basic idea was to focus on a small swath of the French coast line with a mass of troops. This overwhelming force could then breakthrough the German defenses and start liberating Europe. I think one of the most interesting things is how the allies successfully deceived Germany about when and where the invasion would take place.

The Germans are well known for their propaganda  during World War 2. In fact, North Korea uses similar tactics with its people today. The Germans were not the only ones that were good at propaganda. The Allies using radio stations in German controlled areas leaked out inaccurate information about an possible attack. Hitler had realized that once the US was in the war after Pearl Harbor that an invasion was possible. However, Hitler thought that he would try to sway the Brits to become Allies with German then take on the US later. Despite the bombing of Britain for nearly 3 straight years due to the toughness of Winston Churchill. The Germans never did get the British to ally with them. Due to the Allied propaganda the Germans had no clue where the attack may take place. The propaganda mislead them into thinking it may be in the south of France or maybe in the north by Denmark or Finland.

The only problem with D-Day for the Nazi’s was that Hitler had just suffered a huge loss at the hands of the Russians. Operation Barbarossa was the invasion of Russia,  this went against an non-aggression pact signed before the war. The failed operation in Russia and huge loss of troops along with broken supply lines. At this time in 1944, the Germans were running low on troops, supplies like oil, ammunition, food. It just so happened that Eisenhower picked the right time to invade. The men that made D-Day so successful really changed the face of war. By the next year in 1945 around April, the allied troops reached Berlin.

D-Day created true heroes who saved the world from an evil dictator. It’s a remarkable event in American and World history. I would definitely recommend that you read about it for yourself. It’s such an interesting time period in history. It is one of my favorite times. The way that America handled itself during World War 2 was amazing. The after-effects of World War 2 got us where we are today. I know that if it wasn’t for the soldiers who fought in D-Day, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog. So I have to thank them for their service and their heroism. There isn’t too many World War 2 Vets still alive, so its important to remember what they went through.

Thanks for Reading!


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