The Orlando Shooting—Blowing up the Liberal Media


It is yet another sad day in America as another mass shooting has taken place, this time in an Orlando, Florida nightclub for LGBT. The shooter was a muslim affliated with ISIS. He was also supposedly a registered Democrat. He bought the gun legally with a background check. The outrage should not be over the fact that he was muslim OR the fact that he had an assault weapon. The fact is that this nightclub was an unofficial gun free zone. This mass shooting will be different because it proves that nothing that the mainstream media tries to tell us matters. The leftist and liberal mainstream media won’t be able to pick a side because they don’t want to be islamophobe nor do they want to go against the LGBT. So they will naturally blame guns and republicans. This is not fair. I want to explain why this Muslim guy shooting up a gay nightclub is the perfect reason to vote liberatarian. I want to underscore the fact that I am a supporter of both LGBT rights and the right to openly practice religion. I have no hatred or anything against Muslims. I have nothing against the LGBT community, in fact. I support full rights for gay couples. To me, there is no difference between religion practice and LGBT right, its a right not a priviledge. Therefore, this shooting could have been avoided with the correct policies and maintaining respect for the different cultures that exists in America. Now I will break down each element which are Guns, Muslims and Gays; and I will be  explaining my opinion plus how libertarianism would fix the problems that caused this incident.

The biggest issue to me, the fact that this guy was able to go into a gun free zone with a gun. Many people would argue that he should not have had that gun in the first place. However, let’s remember that criminals and mass shooters don’t give one flying fuck about the laws. I swear that this is forgotten by those on the left who demand more gun control. Everyone on the left will call for more gun control and stricter laws. This will not work, point blank. No criminal ever foll owed the law. Just look at prohibition in the late 1910s to early 1920s. Prohibition ban the production and consumption of alcohol. The result pushed all production and consumption to underground and blackmarket. It led to one of the first organized crime element in the US. The same logic can be applied to gun control and the war on drugs. It is merely human nature to try to subvert the ban. It makes very litte sense to me that we have gun free zones. Gun zones are basically like a mass shooter’s dreamland.

A gun free zone just isn’t the right fix. Just imagine trying to fight a war by telling your enemy that your base is a gun free zone. Do you really think they will believe that? Its so unfortunate that Obama and most of the left are so blinded big government. The government needs to take a step back and repeal all gun laws. Then they need to pass just a few laws that would limit the amount of guns and shootings without much trouble. The first law should be a universal background check, for everybody and every way that you can buy a gun. The second law should be a psychological evalutation of every gun owner to see if they have any possiblity of going on a mass shooting spree. This law should require each gun owner to reevaluted each year. The last law should allow open carry in every type of facility no matter where it is or what its for. The reason is that if everyone or most people have a good in any given area then nobody would be stupid enough to try to shoot up. Why is this so hard to understand. If you still disagree, then why do police have guns? Why does Obama get protected by men with guns? Riddle me that, if guns are the cause of these mass shootings. I’d blame the person pulling the trigger, that is what we should trying to regulate.

There has been a ton of backlash towards Muslims and this shooting is not helping. Unfortunately, the Muslim faith is one that America just doesn’t get. However, the similarity of beliefs put this Mulism shooter in the same company as many Christians. If you are Catholic, Protestant, or most sects of Christianity you are taught that being gay is a sin. Many Christians and even some Church clergy just look the other way despite their belief because of the acceptance in society. Also, there is a lot of Muslims and they don’t all claim to love ISIS and try to kill innocent people. So how big of issue is the fact that this guy was a Muslim? Not that big of deal, its a right. His affilation with ISIS? That is a problem, however with tighter border security, we could fix that. (No walls just more border agents or even better get the US military there.) The real problem is that our beliefs do clash. I think that government will be hard pressed to find a solution to such a problem. However, the private sector needs educate Muslims on the acceptance of gays in America. This could be in part funded by government. The media could also by being fair to both Muslims and gays, not just telling bad news about Muslims and good news about gays. As for the education, it needs to teach respect for other cultures because I think that what America lacks the most. Its not an easy to teach respect because it just isn’t there. Our past actions as a nation have separated our cultures. The rise of ISIS was created by the bombing and invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. This is also known as blowback, so maybe our foreign policy needs to change.

Last but not least, the gay people who were the victims in this horrible crime. The victims were slayed in vein because of nonsense laws that restricts guns and allow criminals to flourish. I thought that acceptance of LGBT was at a high point but appearently not. Once again, I think its a similar solution. Gay people should have as many rights as straight people. They need to be educated on how their attraction to the same sex might be offensive to different religions. I believe its their right to get married and live their lives, but they need to be careful with their pride. Pride is a dangerous thing. Obviously in this case, the killer was a Muslim affliated with ISIS, who recently vowed to destroy America. The lesson for all Americans not just gay people is that we need to start respecting each other and other nations. We also need to not fear ISIS because these attacks will keep coming. We can’t back down from them. ISIS feeds off of fear.

Overall, I know this shooting will only create more havoc over the gun laws. Its unfortunate that the real solution is ignored because people think that guns shoot themselves. No, its people that shoot the guns. The access to guns isn’t the problem either because you will never completely restrict it. The black market knows its way around the laws. The problem is that we legislate open shooting ranges for these mass shooters. The victims are gays, children and adults. Aka people, gays and adults could be armed to prevent anyone from attempting such a terrible crime. I just personally cannot believe it keeps happening and all the politicans and people clamor for the SAME policies that caused it. Its absolutely insane. Why not try something different because clearly what we are doing now isn’t working. Laws are meant to be broken. The second amendment does exist because you supposed to protect yourself and your country.

May the victims of the Orlando Shooting and their families find peace.

Thanks for reading!


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