Protests: Are they effective?

In today’s news you see a lot of protests and riots over a variety of issues. Some of the protests have a point. While other protest seem to be just a waste of time. In light of the recent police oppression protests and Trump protests at the GOP Convention. I want to discuss briefly how these protests have points but in the end, they just aren’t that effective. One group behind these protests is the BlackLivesMatter group who say they are for protection of black lives. (Ironically, they only care about black lives if killed by white cops)  This group certainly has a right to protest but I think they are going about it the wrong way. They are inspiring domestic terrorism against police instead of peaceful change. An example of a successful protester for civil rights is Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. used certain methods and peaceful negotiations to get what he thought was equality for colored people. King  was arrested many times for peaceful resistance to unjust laws. He inspired people like Rose Parks to sit in the front of bus and break the social norm of racism. More importantly, King didn’t try to incite riots or violence. He went through more diplomatic means to achieve his ultimate goal. He made political connections with powerful people in the government. One of those people was Lyndon B. Johnson. From the time that Johnson was the senate majority leader under Kennedy to the Johnson’s time as President, King had Johnson as his ally.

John F Kennedy was also persuaded by Martin Luther King Jr. to consider passing civil rights legislation. It was never passed under Kennedy because of his unfortunate assassination in 1964. King worked closely with the new President, Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson had a knack for passing legislation through congress. He spent most of his political career in congress. He knew the Congress people well, and he knew process even better. So when King met with Johnson on multiple occasions before 1965, it turned out one of the most advance civil right laws to ever be passed in the US. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote and help shape most of what is known as the Voting rights Act. It was the first step towards equality for colored people. It took away the southern states ability to pass Jim Crow laws about voting.

Let’s fast forward to now, where black people still perceive racism. However, its a bit different than how King perceived it. Now many people see it as police oppression and systematic priviledge or underpriviledge. This is not to say that voter suppression still doesn’t take place. Unfortunately, the supreme court has overturned parts of the voting rights act. So my question is, does protesting the police really help the victims of this oppression? The answer for me is not really. Donald Trump is another controversial topic because of his candidancy for President. Trump has not been very low key about his intentions as President especially regarding things like illegal immigrants from Mexico, women, and others. So naturally people have been protesting Trump. Once again, do I think these protests are effective? No, I really don’t. Let me explain why.

The problems that people perceive with the police and Trump are real. It may not be real to everybody but real enough for people to protest them. In my opinion, the protests are great for raising awareness. However, they do no good to actually change the problems. The reason why they don’t change problems is because the protests are directed at the wrong people. For starters, Trump isn’t even president yet, he has no real legal power. So clearly protesting him won’t change anything because he knows that people will hate him. As for the police protests, lets remember who’s in charge of our police. The government, State and Local. In reality, the police only take orders from your top government officials. People like Mayors, Governors, Police Commissioners. The police are merely following their orders and training.

My point is that protesting these pawns in a grander scheme of government is not going to be the most effective way. So you might ask who should I direct my anger torwards?  If anything, you should direct torward elected and appointed government officials. They produced and enforced all these policies that may add to the perceived racism or systematic injustice. If you don’t realize already, the world is not run by normal everyday people like you and me. Its run by elites. Elites are not just rich or wealthy. Elites hold 90 percent of the wealth and 99 percent of the world power. Many elites are government officials or serve in the US Congress. There is a handful of rich families about 300 of them. These families control all politicians all over the world. Just look up illumati or 300 wealthiest families. Trust me, Elites run this planet.

Once you realize that elites are the true power holders, then you can see why protesting these lower level pawns is useless. If you want real change befriend someone with power in government who has influence. Martin Luther King Jr was able to do this and achieved some amazing things. There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in. I think its better to not waste your time and talent on protesting two things that don’t really hold any power to change.

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