Breaking the Blogging Silence

You probably didn’t notice but I took a pretty long break from writing on this blog. Most of the reason for my absence was not a lack of material to write. It was more of a lack of time to write about it. I was experimenting with podcast and I may get back to that eventually in the future. As for the political news, there isn’t much new to write about. The general election is strangely one-sided. Donald Trump has quite literally defeated himself by going into off message tangents and make it easy for voters to not pick him. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton of all people, is considered to be the lesser of two evils. The two candidates are both embattled with different shades of controversy. Hillary with her emails, and Trump with his bombastic commentary.

This post will be relatively short depending on how much I want to ramble on. This blog has been extremely focused on politics especially current events and happenings. I may still do some posts about that. I want to expand more into scholarly subjects. I want to discuss and try to solve problems in modern politics. I want to use my deep knowledge of history to help more people understand these problems. I have a lot of subjects that I want to go deeper into. I feel like there are subjects that I want to explore. One of those such areas is economics. Economics is not a subject that I studied heavily in either highschool or college. I sort of, taught myself about it. I took one college class on economics which gave me a basic understanding. Now I have been trying to read and research books that might help get even a better understanding.

The thing about economics is that it intersects with both history and politics. Much of the data collected on economic activity is from the past. The usefulness of economics in political debate and policy is based on this data. How you read the data and interpret it, is a big issue in political realms. I want to give you my readers an accurate interpretation of many subjects including economics, politics, civics, and history. I want to show how educating yourself on these subjects can be beneficial especially when it comes to election day. You will be able to weigh the candidates on something other than how they look, talk and how catchy their campaign slogan is.

In the future you can expect to see more posts, I hope if I can make time. Many of these new types of post will be a lot longer. I will most likely write them in a series covering one topic at a time. This blog is one of my favorite hobbies and unfortunately life has beckoned me to do other activities this past month or so. I can’t say it will be much better but I will attempt to commit even more time. In mean time, I would encourage you to look up Gary Johnson and consider giving him a shot. We have known and even scarier unknown qualities in Clinton and Trump, respectively. Think for yourself and make decisions based on logic and fairness.

I hope have the beginning of a new series starting as soon as this week but if not then definitely next week! Thank you for reading! Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Breaking the Blogging Silence

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