Donald Trump Wins. America Reacts.

This post will be relatively short because I just want to share my thoughts that I already expressed via Facebook. In addition, I want to say that I never really guessed right but I think that the News Media Party was a big factor in Trump’s victory. I think that maybe there is a few articles to come from this Facebook post that I wrote today.

I have refrained from stating my political opinions until now. I wanted to see what everyone’s else reaction would be. Now that I have seen it, I have a few thoughts. To start off, I voted for Gary Johnson and it was a vote of conscious not against anybody but FOR Gary Johnson. I will not defend Trump nor Clinton. What I would like to share is something that it seems many people do not understand. The Electoral College seems to blamed for Trump’s nomination and Clinton’s loss. Many people think this because Clinton won the popular vote. However, I have two big problems with this type of sentiment. My first problem is America is not a populist democracy. In most Europe and some Asian countries like the Philippines, they use a plurality voting democracy. This means each candidate has their votes tallied and the one with the biggest majority is the winner. America has a representative democracy meaning that voters vote for representatives. The representatives of the government are citizens which is why its for the people and by the people. My second problem is in two parts. First, the electoral college was created for a reason. The founding fathers weren’t trying to create a Donald Trump scenario. They were trying to protect the citizens (white land owning men) from their own stupidity. I believe this is smart. It is often held that an educated voter will elect a better politician. I think we can all agree that most of America is not educated enough on politics and to some degree at all. Second, the electoral college has some fishy rules. But its concept and principle is sound. Cities often vote Democrat. Rural place often vote Republican. There are exceptions. Cities have more population than rural areas. To go even bigger, states have different populations. California has 40 million people meanwhile Wyoming has 500,000. Its would be fair to the smaller states to always the big state interests put first. The founding fathers spent more time on this issue in the constitution convention then many others…even for the Congress. How the electoral college works is that it awards electoral votes based on population. For example California has 55 electoral votes and Wyoming has 3. It fair because if California votes one way and a few smaller midwest states vote the other way, it makes a fair voice. Also to those people that are scared of Trump, Rhetoric is often used to get votes. Typically a President never lives up to their campaign promises. Also politicians lie and Trump is no different. We all need to relax and let the government do its job. Let our constitution of checks and balances maintain our liberty no matter what Trump tries to do. Last thing, 120 million or so people did not vote! Being silent is making a statement. Its probably a statement you don’t want. So next election urge everyone you can to vote. Not voting, not caring or caring about the wrong things in politics is why Donald Trump has been chosen. Stop blaming third parties. Stop blaming the electoral college. Start doing something about it, write letters, emails, protest in a peaceful way. Dissent is a beautiful thing. Thank you.

I truly believe that people need to better understand how our government was set up and how the electoral college works. I have written another on the electoral college in the past. This Facebook covers a variety of topics that I have written about on this blog. Now the reason why I haven’t made a post in awhile is because this election has gotten away from the true politics. It became a horrid mess of personality smearing and attacks. Now with the election over, I will start to write again about President-Elect Trump and his policies going forward. I will also write more about constitutional and governmental issues. I am hoping to educate so that next election, we will be equip to elect better politicians. We can do better than Trump.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, drop me a line:

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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