About Garrett’s Blog

I started this blog because I love writing. Ever since I learned how I always dreamed of being a creative writer. Fast forward 20 years and I still love writing. I am self admittedly not the best at it but I do try my best. I chose to make a blog about History and Politics because I have a strong passion for both topics. If you read my about me page you can see all of what I mentioned referenced. History is my strong suit, my passion and my critical lens. I’ve learned through college and even outside of the classroom that history can be applied to many situations. It can help deal with problems because other people surely have had similar ones. History also reminds me that today’s world is unique in that we live in a time where technology has exploded. For example, from the time of the bible to the industrial revolution circa 1820s-1840s, the technology was not much different. Of course each century has its own innovations, when the Chinese invented gun powder it led the way for guns to be invented later on. Guns changed the face of warfare. My point is that in today’s world, the technology created has opened a vast network to access information instantly.

I want to use this access to help promote historical awareness. At time when schools are cutting budgets for both history and civics to add more English and Math focus the students and voters of tomorrow are losing. Its not that I think that english and math are not important. But at the very least students should know how government works, how it was created and why. In addition they should be aware that America is not always right and not always the best. American schools have this bad habit of whitewashing history especially when it comes to America. So in turn this blog’s mission is to use this modern technology to help educate and create awareness about politics and history.

The reason why I put life in the tagline is that history is life. People remember the lives of others within events. Also this blog is mostly my opinions. However, I do include some sources to back them up. My genre of writing could be called causal scholarship. One of the reasons I only write mostly my opinions with so few sources is because I want people who read this to look up the information for themselves. Don’t take my word for it. Nothing is right all the time, history changes constantly. In the end, I generally just want to make a difference by letting people know that things are happening and they have serious consequences for all of us. Thanks for reading

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