About Me

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The title of my blog implies my name. Garrett. I am 27 years old  . My interests include sports, history, political science and some gaming. I always love to think about things.  I am a deep thinker and I have a tendency to over think. I am currently a student in Occupational Therapy Assistant.  I received a History bachelors degree from SUNY Plattsburgh. I always wanted to be this avid reader but when it comes to picking up a book I can’t seem to do it. I love to write and hence this blog is way for me to do that. I hope that you enjoy it!

**Anyone who is reading this who is employed by a museum or some history or politically related career, please contact me if you like what you see. I am looking for a position in a museum or some other position in fields of history or politics. ** Thank you.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. If you want a contribution/content feel free to reblog anything you find useful over at Midwest Pistol Combat Systems. All I ask is a H/T

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