Looking for Contributors!


If you are reading this then you are probably interested in writing for Garrett’s Life Experiences Blog. This is NOT a formal job. However, its not to be taken too lightly. I’m pretty serious when it comes to what I put on this blog. This blog makes approximately zero dollars. But I am exploring options that would potentially make money and another writer could help achieve that. Obviously if any money was made, you would get a cut. Until then, lets face it, its almost as voluntary as it could get. So here are a few points about the possibility of working with me and for me.

  1. I am a very easy going person. I tend to listen rather than talk. However, If I do talk its usually because I feel very strongly. I need someone who also is a good listener and an even better talker. Obviously, we need to coordinate on certain things like content and timing of post.
  2. If you’ve ever wanted to write on blog then this is your chance. However, I would prefer that you are very interested or at least have an interesting take on politics and history. There is leeway if politics and history don’t get your blood pumping. I have a page called “Life Experiences”. I’ve done almost nothing with it, but I intend too
  3. Political Opinions. Yes everyone has a different opinion on politics. Yes, it can be quite controversial. However, I am a libertarian. I believe in social liberal policy and fiscally conservative policy. Thus I am pro-choice (I like to say pro-adoption), pro-gay marriage, pro-legalization of weed, and think favorably of equal rights among minorities and women. Economically, I tend to favor low taxes and less government intervention. Now If you want the long story, you can just read any of my post and find my positions. This being what it is, I’m looking for a democrat, republican or even another libertarian. Doesn’t matter to me. I love to argue and it might make interesting posts.
  4. Please tell your friends and family about this blog. I try my best to share my blog without annoying the heck my Facebook friends. Once in awhile I do post in public forums. However, I think that word of mouth is probably the best way. We aren’t trying to indoctrinate people just educate. You can’t force that education.
  5. If you have any video or digital editing skills then you are definitely welcome to join. I have messed around with podcasts of certain posts. At best, I am a self-taught tech geek. At worst, I’m ghetto poor tech geek who has no idea what their doing. So if you can impart some skills and knowledge I welcome it.
  6. If I haven’t scared you away yet and you are still reading this and find yourself not interested. Please share with someone else who might be. If you are interested then GREAT! I’m excited to get in touch with you.
  7.  If you are actually interested then drop me a line at garrett_smith12@yahoo.com. We’ll go from there.

Thank you.