Democratic Debate: Sanders v. Clinton in Aftermath!

If you had watched the debate on Tuesday then you will definitely want to read this post. In my last post about the debate, I went over how all the candidates did in a brief summary. Some were shorter than others because air time. I have decided to narrow down the field to two candidates. The other three candidates were in the debate just to make it interesting but have no real impact in the election. A few things before we get started here. There is an article on FiveThirtyEight that you should go read right now. Its called “Did the Democratic Debate Change the Odds?” In this article, they breakdown how each candidate fared in the debate. They also weigh in on Joe Biden and his non-appearance. I feel that the article pretty accurate represents my own views on who won the debate. As you may or may not know that FiveThirtyEight is one of my favorite sites because of uber-interesting articles that deliver. I also want to point your attention to another site that is worth checking out. It is called open secrets. This website open secrets, shows all known data on money in government and elections. If you really want the truth on how bad the American people are being corrupted then I suggest going to this website. For example if you want see how Donald Trump’s campaign is doing financially, you can go right here. You can do this for almost any candidate. Even the untouchable Hillary Clinton.

Go ahead and check both of those out after reading this. Now I want to look into how the media has treated the debate. I think its a really interesting factor to look at in an election. The media influence is greater than ever. This means it cannot be ignored in its coverage. A quick google search of the debate itself brings up some news. Many of headlines about Hillary Clinton. This and This and This. The media seems to think that Hillary won. I want to expand my own views in my last post. I will be using some of what I read in the FiveThirtyEight article to help me out.

Let’s start by recapping what I thought of Hillary:

Hillary Clinton is a former senator of New York and Secretary of State. Mrs. Clinton was able to stick it to everybody in this debate. She flatly denied the email scandal anymore attention than it had. Mr. Chaffe did throw a few jabs with his mention of no scandal. Clinton really stuck to her guns on foreign policy. Surprisingly she did make some sense by saying that a coalition to help in Syria was necessary. She was unapologetic about her decisions in the past. I could see that she was really trying to keep the focus on the issues and not her past. Unfortunately her past is so well known I think it played well for her. Clinton really pushed strong for rights and equality for women. However, Sanders also pushed hard. They both seem to think that smaller countries like Denmark and Norway were good models. The only problem is America is much larger in population. Once again, just like Sanders, Hillary could not answer how she might pay for anything. All I heard was increase taxes on rich.

Speaking of that, Republican bashing was Hillary’s leading role. Every opportunity that she got, she took to bash the republicans. Comparing the democratic debate as one that focused on issues instead of racism and women hating.  She was right about that. However, I feel like Clinton failed to really convince people that she won’t do the shady things of the past again. The mistrust of politicians is at an all time high. She is the poster child for bad politicians. This was brought out by the constant attack on her political flip flopping on issues. Anderson Cooper went directly for her saying any to get votes. I was not convince by her answers. Clinton seem to have strong performance by using other candidates positions to back her own. She was able to articulate many of her own positions because of the huge amount air time given to her. (Much to the dismay of Mr. Webb) I think that Clinton probably improved her polls by a few points. She’s a savvy politician.

So I have highlighted three different sections of my last post to talk about. (in bold) I felt like Clinton definitely reaffirmed to women everywhere that she has their back. I saw in another article on 538 about how her support with women keeps increasing. I think that her push for women and family probably drove up her stock. However, Mr. Sanders keep up for the most part with many issues including minimum wage and family leave. For me, these issues are nonsensical and very controversial. While I understand why Democrats support these types of policies, I just think they are misguided. (More on that with Sanders)

Moving on to the next bold part, is the republican bashing. Hilary seem to lead the charge in bashing them. I take no offense even though I do support Rand Paul. The republicans tend to write the headlines and jokes themselves. According to 538 there was a stat that Hillary actually bashed more than any other candidate. I feel like this political mudslinging almost ALWAYS works in favor of the thrower. Its an odd dynamic but negative press can hurt a campaign. (Again, Sanders seem to be positive, more on that later!) It was actually a pretty boring debate. However I have to commend the candidates for staying on the issues. Even though much of conversation about minimum wage and immigration seem to be a little misguided.

Overall though for Hillary’s sake I thought her air time and articulation of views put her as a true front runner. This comes despite the email scandal. I don’t see the appeal of her on a personal level. I believe that media is somewhat correct in saying that she won the debate. She has solidified her voter base. (Against my preferences)


Here is what I wrote about Bernie Sanders debate performance:

Bernie Sanders is a senator from Vermont. Sanders had a very strong showing despite being attacked early and often. One of the questions that kept him on the defensive was his record on guns. I have mentioned this in previous posts that Sanders hails from Vermont a gun loving state. Sanders was able to say that he is changing his position after all the mass shooting. He also tried to frame it in the sense of “Urban vs. Rural” states. Noting that rural areas tend to have lax gun laws. O’Malley smartly shot him down on this narrative because of his record in Maryland. (Pun not Intended/ Notwithstanding the failures in Baltimore) Sanders was also successful pushing for the usual minimum wage hike and paid family leave. I think that the question in my mind, and many others is how will you pay for all these expensive actions. He did mention that he would put a tax on the rich hedge managers or something like that. The thing about Sanders is that his plans all sound great. The problem is where is all this money coming from? All the rich people are moving out already so I don’t think taxing them more will make them stay. Overall though, I thought that Bernie stuck to his platform pretty closely and was able to separate himself from Clinton. I have to believe that Sanders will keep building up his support.

Mr. Sanders was surprisingly rough around the edges. He was not as polished as Hillary in the debate. However, Bernie came prepared and fought off an intense gun issue battle. I feel like Bernie struggled to keep it together during the questions about guns. I could see that his argument about rural vs. urban states was a good argument. I can’t fault him for framing it like that. There is really a lot of gray area in the issue. Sanders also did some strange and good things during the debate. One of the strangest things was his positive toward Clinton. Rarely if ever, do candidates show kindness to each other. Politics tends to be a bitter sport.  Personal attacks are the norm. (HIs behavior strangely markets his campaign of being out of the normal) I felt like his allying with Clinton definitely hurt his chances of increasing his votes. (538 says as much)  I feel like if he really want to rally his voters, he should have attacked Clinton. There is no shortage of ammo (no pun intended).

One of my personal bones to pick with Sanders as candidate is his over the top socialist economic policies. I know that he means well and everything. However, the logic behind his plans just is not there. He using an emotional argument to push something that has very little to do with emotions. Economists agree that increasing minimum wage only hurts the middle wage earners and it does not help lower wage earners. Everybody’s wages are tied together with the exception of the super rich. (This is who Sanders is attempting to hurt) Unfortunately for Sanders you can’t fix wages from bottom to top. It has to be done naturally through smart economic moves. Yes, Republicans and Bush Tax cuts also don’t help the lower wage earners. Suffice to say, this issue is totally misguided. In order to help people who are struggling to get by, we need to help businesses hire more people. Quite simply, less taxes for businesses. I’m not talking about major corporations like Walmart either. We need our 95 percent small business economy to hire.

Overall I thought Sanders perform very well in the debate. His handling of black lives matter was good enough. Its been clear through different polls that Sanders does lack the color voters. This is a tricky issue for him and other candidates. In my opinion, I think Sanders could further endorse this movement to help get more colored voters. Unfortunately, Sanders biggest downfall was his kindness to Clinton.

There you have it. I believe that Clinton really boosted her support while Bernie keep afloat. I am looking forward to the next debate. The next democratic debate will be in November on the 14th. Meanwhile the next Republican debate will be on October 28th. Once again, it should an interesting battle of the candidates.

Thanks for reading!


Election Natural Selection- Survival of the Politic.

One of my favorite scientist has the best theories. I would say that this scientist is just behind my number one favorite scientist, Albert Einstein. Charles Darwin is my second favorite. Who better to represent the presidential election race? Darwin theories on life and evolution both revolutionized the way we think about how the life cycle works. His theory on natural selection works perfectly for both politics and comedy. (The comedic version is that only the smart people rise to top) In politics, there is especially in today’s election a vicious cycle. It’s a survive or die mentality. We have seen two candidates drop out already. (Rick Perry and Scott Walker) The vicious cycle that represents an analogous version of Darwin’s natural selection is one of candidates putting themselves on the line with issues that could potentially swing voters. The hot button issues in this election seem to be numerous. Of late, it seems gun control could determine a candidate’s place in the polls.

In my one of my other  post I dove into the deep controversy about gun control. Gun control tends to be a tricky issue because is almost impossible to eliminate guns or arm everyone and expect it not to turn into the wild west. Yet it is an issue that continues to run rampant with mass shootings every month it seems. The worst part is that no matter how much political clamor occurs, there is still no real action. Let’s be real that whatever regulations are in place are not working. It makes me angry that there is still gun free zones. The irony is that a gun free zone is a perfect place for someone who gives a shit about gun free zones to go and shoot up. The most common gun free zones? Schools, Colleges. So why do shooters keep going to our schools? GUN FREE ZONES. No resistance. Granted, I’m not saying students need guns. But in some states they are allowing teachers to have them. Rightfully so.  Not to drag this on but the first politician to eliminate the gun free zone will be my hero. At least, there is a small shift within the democratic party towards some type of gun control.

In other news, an interesting article came out with Politico Magazine: “Illegal Immigrants could elect Hilary”. I read this article and found to be really interesting. I recommend giving the piece a full read through before reading my comments. By now you have probably realized that I am a huge stats nerd. The piece goes into depth how Illegal immigrants could swing the election toward a democratic candidate. Interestingly the electoral college votes given to each state are determined by population. The law doesn’t define what counts as population so therefore everyone counts. Basically, the democratic candidate could possibly get four electoral votes. That is pretty big. You only need 270 electoral votes to win an election. (out of 538… fun fact same number of congress people) I actually wrote a post detailing why we should trash the electoral college because it’s outdated. This is an interesting notion that could illegals actually have a say in the election.

The other side of this issue is the illegal immigration that continues to cause problems. The biggest voice on this issue has always been Donald Trump. If Trump was smart and if he read my blog (LOL good joke), he would most definitely take this little article and use it to push his immigration plan. He would be smart to jump on it first because the worst nightmare of any GOP’er would be another democratic in office. (Let’s go libertarians!) It would certainly be a good rallying cry to help gain votes. Even though Trump may have a hard time convincing people that he’s not a racist. But, its a fair point to bring up that people who technically have no right to decide the election are actually helping decide it with their illegal presence. However, rumblings within predictions are calling for a landslide election — this remains to be seen. Regardless of the controversy surrounding illegal immigrants and what to do with them, i find it interesting that have this much impact on the election. This is deeper than the usual economic narrative. (A few years ago I swear that Trump could have been my hero, so young and stupid I was)


With so many drama queens in this presidential election, it is almost cliche to say this: Joe Biden is creating drama around his candidacy. There is a lot of speculation around Joe Biden. He certainly is an intriguing candidate. The current Vice President according one of the links predicting the race, Biden was polling at 20 percent nationally. Pretty damn good if you ask me. Awhile back I wrote about Biden and his candidacy, at that time he was basically denying any chance. I think that he has a good shot to win if he does enter. Obviously, I think we can expect him to be a moderate democratic. Taking the usual stances on minimum wage, gun control, and healthcare. I’m not completely sure where he stands on all issues but its a good guess that he holds mostly democratic points of view. (In my own view I would probably disagree with him on all issues) In determining whether or not Biden will run you have to look at the current situation. I can understand why he would wait. You have Hillary with a large lead over Bernie Sanders. The other candidates still in the race are inconsequential.  I would bet you he is waiting to see who will be leading come January.

Biden has to consider which democratic candidate he would rather face. In addition, he should not wait too long to jump in because the democratic party is only having six debates. (albeit controversial) If Biden misses chances to debate with his fellow candidates it could hurt or help him depending on how much mudslinging goes on. I would have to think this a tough waiting game for Biden. Looking at from a GOP point of view, you have to hope that Biden jumps in and steals some votes from either Hillary or Sanders or BOTH. This is what Biden wants to avoid for sure.

To bring this vicious cycle of politics to a close, you can see how politics truly is natural selection. A game of jockeying and mudlslinging, it never ceases to left everyone insult and nobody happy. Politicians tread a fine line between self interests, party interests and interests of their constituents. The democratic debate is October 13th. I hope you are as excited as I am. I am looking forward to hearing Hilary and Bernie battle it out. Even better is that I disagree with them so it should be fun pick apart later. Thanks for reading!!!

Retired Doctors running for President and Planned Parenthood controversy: Punny?

It is fitting that I paired these two topics in this same post. Planned Parenthood and Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Before I start my rant about Dr. Carson, let me just clarify my bias by saying that I hate him probably more than Donald Trump. If you have read any of my other posts at least Trump has some respectable ideas with the exception of immigration. I swear to you that Dr. Carson is a cancer not a candidate! (Pun intended!) He might be a neurosurgeon but he is certainly NOT smart. He might be doctor but I think he has been prescribing himself drugs! I just cannot get over some of the comments he has made. For starters lets take this one: “Hitler Could Happen here“. He nearly compared President Obama with Hitler. Even I don’t love Obama but he certainly hasn’t purposely perpetrated a mass genocide of an ethnicity. Obama may have started a few wars but he hasn’t triggered World War 3 yet.  Jeez. If you read toward the bottom it gets worse! When asked about an emergency response to a natural disaster such as Hurricane Joaquin hitting the east coast. (Fortunately Its been forecasted to go northeast, thankfully.) His response? I. DON’T. KNOW. Let that sink in.

Am I overreacting to these statements made by Dr. Carson? Maybe. But still even Trump has not gone THAT far. Regardless of what he meant, he just doesn’t sound too smart. A presidential candidate should be polished and able to think critically about situations that could potentially threaten millions of lives. The answer to the hurricane hypothetical scares me the most. I think that he needs to think of an answer to how he might respond to a natural disaster because they do happen.  As for the Hitler comment, I just think that he is going a little too far. I get that people need to wake up before America turns into a dictatorship of hell. It’s not that I don’t agree either. It’s just he could have put it a little less bluntly.  However, I can also see how a dictatorship might be beneficial to America. We need a strong leader. We don’t need genocide or mass killings. That story is played out way too much.

Moving out to a different topic, Dr. Carson made some comments on the Syrian refugee crisis. As you can imagine once again, Dr. Carson totally missed the point of taking refugees. His islamophobia has clearly gotten the best of him. He fears that some of the refugees might be “extremists” and try to hurt America. Unfortunately, not all muslims are extremists and certainly not ones who are refugees in country where the extremists are ones forcing there to be refugees. If anything these poor Syrian people who are fleeing are more mad at Russia and President Putin. Putin has been intervening in the civil war in Syria. This intervention has been very controversial especially since President Obama has been strongly against it.  It’s not clear what Putin’s goals are but the point remains that Dr. Carson clearly is not understanding the situation in Syria. Dr. Carson should learn not to stereotype people because it’s not very nice and plus it tends to make them hate you even more.

I will end my rant about retired doctors running for president. My last two cents is that Dr. Carson is missing a few marbles. I guess its been working since his fundraising and polls have gone up.  Personally if you consider Dr. Carson a good candidate; I would take another look. For sake of us not putting another idiot in office.


Onto a more serious topic that affects one gender and sex almost 100 percent more than the other. Thanks to evolution or god or biology (whatever you believe) the female body is able to give birth. It’s both a miracle and a curse. Too often couples or females find themselves cursed. They get knocked up for various reasons ranging to accidents to rape. Regardless of the situation there is a government-funded program to help out. I won’t even touch abortion with a ten foot pole. (pun intended) The reason is arguing about abortions is like apples to oranges. In reality, the arguments you used for against are totally different things. It makes absolutely no sense.  That said I am pro-choice and I mean that by I believe that a woman should be able choose based on her circumstances.

That being said there was a big time argument over planned parenthood among the republican candidates. They only thing they agreed on was that it should be shutdown. (I disagree)  The center of controversy started with Carly Fiorina. She stated there was videos of fetal body parts being sold. Afterwards there was clamor about the videos not being real. Turns out they are real but they don’t really support her argument. Either way I really don’t care. The bigger issue is that republicans wanted to cut off funding for planned parenthood. Even going so far to shut down the government to do it. I think that planned parenthood should be the least of their worries. It really boggles my mind.

One result of their crazy attempt to shut down planned parenthood was the resignation of John Boehner. Boehner was the speaker of the house and will be out on October 31st. His resignation is a clear that the republican party is in a deep divide. Fortunately for women everywhere, he wasn’t going to allow a government shutdown in process of de-funding of planned parenthood. Boehner may not have been the best speaker, known for his orange glow and crying. However, you have to consider the lack of bipartisan work in congress over the past few years.

It’s hard to put into words the condition that troubles our government. Especially Congress, the inaction is just incredibly debilitating. In addition to the government dysfunction, we have these attempts to cut off important programs that actually do good for people. I understand cutting out Obamacare but why not cut things like the contracts with Halliburton, Lockheed Martin and Boeing just to name a few. Why not hold the Department of Defense accountable?  Why not retool the SNAP and food stamps program? Why not make welfare a little more true and transparent with things like drug testing. All I want to say in conclusion to a post that has been a LONG time coming, is that we need to further examine the issues that truly trouble our country. No matter who gets elected to president, they will almost certainly face the hardest times ahead of America. The future is so uncertain. The world dynamics are different now, it’s no longer the 20th century.  Globalization has taken full effect on our economy. The world is changing quickly. We need to respond and respond with changes that improve lives.

Thanks for reading!!!

Socialist Fundraising and Second Amendment Rights: Bernie Sanders rise to the top

You may or not have heard that Bernie Sanders is on a roll. He recently just became a fundraising legend–supposedly hauling 26 million dollars. He does it without any help from super PACs. The only other candidate to roll without super PACs is Sanders’ exact evil twin, Mr. Trump. Despite Sanders massive monetary support he still lags behind Hillary according to this recent CNN poll. I will say that Sanders has become an impressive challenger for the presidential race. I admire his ability to say he wants something then actually stick to his morals. Not a common quality in many ANY politicians. Sorry about that typo. I have on multiple occasions criticized Sanders for his “cosmetic economic” policies and the like.

I wanted to look some of his other policy positions because of the recent tragic event at a community college in Oregon. This tragedy has occurred in many different instances with different circumstances. It continues to be a problem in American society. Gun violence seems to be constantly popping up. My Condolences go out to the families and the college community that lost 10 friends and colleagues. This should not be happening and hopefully one day we can end this kind of horrible massacre. 

I am a moderate supporter of second amendment rights. I have shot guns and enjoy it. However, I find it unthinkable to ever turn a gun on a person or people. It’s events like one in Oregon that keep us coming back to what to do about gun violence. Logic tells that the extremes almost never work. Before I go into my own strong opinions lets see what Bernie Sanders’ would do about guns? After all, he is a senator from Vermont. In case you don’t know Vermont loves guns. If you have ever been to Vermont, its beautiful, and they love their nature and guns. So I would expect Bernie to have a decent, not too extreme plan to have deal with this problem.

So in his twitter reaction to Oregon tragedy, Sanders tweeted two things:

“We need sensible gun-control legislation which prevents guns from being used by people who should not have them.” – Bernie Sanders

As a nation, we must do everything we can to put an end to this awful epidemic of senseless slaughter. – Bernie Sanders

@SenSanders (twitter name)

I happen to agree with both statements. However, let me point out that extremes such as taking away all guns or letting everyone have guns is a crazy idea. I hope when Sanders says he wants gun control legislation that he means more intensive background checks and psychological evaluations. The problem with most democratic gun control plans is that they don’t actually fix the problem.

The simplest way to explain it is with the 1920 experiment of prohibiting alcohol. The 18th amendment was passed in 1920 that ban alcohol. The result became an increase in crime and drinking. It only led to more people wanting to drink. Drinking could be eliminated especially with invention of smugglers getaway cars. We now know those fast cars that smugglers used as race cars. (Side note: Drinking and NASCAR are like peanut and Jelly for good reason) The 21st amendment repeal prohibition and after that crime decreased and drinking stay the same due to the depression. Regardless of the circumstances, drinking alcohol never really disappeared. The same can be said for illicit drugs which also have laws banning them outright.

So I don’t understand where democrats get this crazy notion that banning guns will solve anything. I believe it was Marco Rubio who put it perfectly: Gun laws won’t work because criminals ignore laws. This was Rubio’s one great shining moment. Anyway, the basic argument can be used for letting everyone have a gun. Many memes on the internet compare it to a war zone and the safety that war zones are not well-known for. It’s a very funny but very lame point. Let’s be realistic that no amount regulation or laws or anything can prevent people from shooting people. (In fact, call me sick but overpopulation could be a problem with lack of drinking water just saying sometimes people have to die…cycle of life) It’s a moot point really to say that we eliminate all violence.

However, the negative outlook doesn’t mean there isn’t positive hope. I believe the best way for Sanders or any presidential candidate for that matter to approach the gun violence would be installing regulations and psychological evaluations. The next step would be to increase gun safety education in schools. Instead forcing kids to do useless math problems or read fairy tales maybe teach them about the dangers of guns. I remember being in middle school and having the ill-effects of marijuana and alcohol drilled in my brain. The alcohol warnings apparently didn’t stick that well, I love drinking. The former however, stuck well as I have never touched marijuana. (weird fear of trying it, don’t ask) Back to my point, I believe that education is the great prevention. It seems to have work with sex. Everyone has had sex education and knows that drill. In the end, you can’t rely on regulations and laws its always about PEOPLE!!!

Let me save the whole sex thing for another post. That’s become quite a big headline with planned parenthood. At the beginning of this post I went over some Bernie Sanders campaign numbers. I highlighted some issues on the second amendment. I gave my strong opinion about the gun violence. I also have felt sorrow for the victims of these tragedies. Something that I am looking to forward to on a more positive note is the democratic debate. I really want to hear Bernie battle the already embattled Hillary Clinton. I haven’t been so excited for a debate since last election. I have been reading different articles and finding that Bernie has a legitimate shot to win the primaries. I don’t like all his policies and refuse to vote for a mainstream candidate but I rather have him win than Clinton. My bias is obvious.

The most important point in this post is that people commit the crimes and people die in the crimes. In the end, its the people who end this violence. We are the People! So vote wisely. Thank you for reading.