What do you mean no Helicopters and McNukes?

In usual fashion I have come across some inspiring material to write my own article on. I’ve been thinking recently about what the ends of a libertarian party or movement would or should be. In this blog I consider the means of getting there. I’m always pushing steps toward a libertarian society. These steps seem to never make any progress. I have always viewed the libertarian society as an idealist notion. I think to some degree its true. On the other hand, I feel like its entirely possible that a libertarian society is achievable. The problems are numerous and the solutions are few. One main problem and probably the biggest one is the lack of education of outsiders on the libertarian values and beliefs. People tend to misinterpret or misunderstand what libertarians stand for and what we want to achieve.

I’ve recently said on social media that I believe I’m in the minority of libertarians that believe that achieving the ultimate goal of a libertarian society will come instantly once it happens. I feel that many libertarians, anarchists, anarcho-capitalists think that once we overthrow the current government then we can just easily transition to that libertarian society that we all agree is the goal. I don’t believe its so easy or fast. I think there is a number of factors to consider about means and ends of libertarianism.

The first and foremost is that the way to change the government is to vote for politicians who hold the same beliefs, values and morals as libertarians.  We can all agree politicians of this caliber don’t exist right now with the exception of Rand Paul, maybe. After voting for Gary Johnson in two consecutive elections I have realized that we are going too big. (Nothing wrong with him, just a walking meme.) We need to find libertarian congresspeople. I know of 3 libertarian leaning congresspeople, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash. Once we can turn the Congress into a majority of libertarians then we can work on the white house.

The second factor is education like I mentioned before. A lot of people have misconceptions of libertarians. Even I used to subscribe to these common myths. For example: Libertarians are both Republican and Democrat because they support a little of each. It might be true that we hold similar positions but we are actually against both parties. The two main parties are a snake with two heads. They don’t care about you. They care about their interests and their money! We need to educate the masses on libertarianism. The essential thing is liberty and freedom. The government shouldn’t play much if any role in our everyday lives. The government doesn’t need to over regulate and get involved in everything we do. The government doesn’t need to tax our hard earned income. For over 100 years, the US government collected no income tax. Who will build the roads? Private corporations that need to ship things by truck. Businesses that need to drive around. My point is that if we can educate people then eventually will lead to more people accepting and more importantly voting for libertarians.

The third factor of the means is simply cohesive-ness among libertarians. We have to unify our ideas. I know we all agree on certain things. But we have to compromise on other things. Example: Abortion. One of the hottest button issues because there is no stasis for argument. Pro Life or Pro Choice? For me, I’m torn between both because choice is guaranteed by the 14th amendment. Yet I’m also catholic so I can’t possibly support the killing of something that is alive. My position is Pro-Adoption. It gives a choice and saves the life of the baby. Also there are many parents out there who can’t have kids. My point here is that a compromise takes a little bit from each side and makes palatable to everyone. Compromise is something that our country was founded on. I strongly believe we should get back to that.

The forth factor is concerning the ends. I find it hilarious but helicopters and McNukes are a standard must have in any libertarian society. But lets all be honest its a little far fetched. I do believe that no taxes, open carry (guns), NAP and very small government are possible to have. I think we all have to be realistic about the ends. The ultimate goal is for everybody to live their life without the interference from government. But I think we miss the point that libertarian is also one of the most charitable types of societies. Its not fake charity like socialism and communism. In a libertarian society, you would give to the poor, give to the sick and give to government if you felt like it was worth it. Thats the wonderful thing about it, its your choice to give your money or not. Government is ineffective at helping people. But there is a million examples of where everyday people throw their support at something and get it done without government.

My conclusion is that we need to educate, vote, come together and be realistic about our ultimate goal of a libertarian society.  We can do it all once too. My inspiration was an article that basically said no more Libertarian party but we need a movement. In order to achieve a movement, we have to educate people on the benefits of joining this movement. We have to vote in politicians who reflect our positions. Its not going to be easy. The steps towards a libertarian society will be methodical. All I hope is that I see this libertarian society come to fruition before my time is up. I’m still young so I got hope.

Just remember kids, Taxation is Theft.

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Hiatus: A New Path Forward

I want to write a short post because of some recent events in my life and changes to my schedule. I am going to take a Hiatus from writing this blog. No one else will be writing either. However, if I feel strongly about something and need to write it then I won’t hesitate. The reason for my hiatus is because a of my decision to return to college.

Yes, that is right. I will be returning to school. Unfortunately my previous education experience in History and Political Science has been useful for this blog but not an actual job. I have decided to take up Occupational Therapy (Pays quite well). Usually its abbreviated to OT or more specifically for me, when I graduate I will be a OTA or Occupational Therapy Assistant. I have applied to Laguardia Community College in Queens.

I started this blog to initially fill a void in my life because at time I was unemployed and now  I’m vastly underemployed. Now you might wonder why I’m stopping now when I haven’t been accepted yet? Well, the simple explanation is that I will be doing some pre-learning or self-taught learning. I have not taken a science class in about 6 years. One of the classes that is required for my coursework is Human Anatomy and Physiology. So in order to make time for my self taught learning, I need the time I typically spend writing blog post to do that.

When I get accepted and I do start to attend classes in September, then I will really be too busy to write. I really love this blog and will probably return to it once I receive my associates degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant. I also plan to make this blog even better when I return. I’m hoping to make an investment and upgrade to my own domain. Unitl that time comes, I will have sign off. If you have any ideas for blog posts (if I have time to write) or you want to write a post then feel free to contact me. (contact info on sidebar) I am still looking for contributors.

Thanks for reading! Wish me luck in my pursue of a new career!


Economic Series Part 1: To Raise or not to Raise the Minimum Wage?

Welcome to the first part of my three topic series on Economics. If you haven’t read this blog before then you should check out my last two posts that explain exactly what this series will be about. One post is here, and the introduction to this series is here. I would also suggest reading some of my previous posts, many of which cover this very topic of Minimum Wage. In particular, this post and this post among others. I have already prefaced this topic on multiple occasions so in this post, I will dive straight into the question that I want to present both arguments for and against. I will briefly explain what the minimum wage is, first. Then I will give you brief history of it. The bulk of this post will be my arguments, however, it will be up to you to decide what side you are on.

The title of post implies that my question is about raising the minimum wage. This has been in recent years, a hotly debated and controversial question. My question is: Should the government raise the minimum wage? Now it’s not a simple yes or no question. If you say yes, then you have to explain why you think that raising it is such a good idea. Or If you say no then why not raise it?  The principle of minimum wage is fairly simple to understand. Minimum wage is the base wage of all workers in the United States. Typically, the federal government sets a standard wage. However, the states also have the ability to set their own wage higher than the federal government if they choose. Right now, the federal wage is 7.25 an hour. There are 29 states that have minimum wages above the federal level.

The history of the minimum wage starts in the beginning of 20th century. The progressive movement that help develop labor laws and other regulations on business helped bring about the minimum wage. Before the minimum wage existed, workers were paid based on how much skill their job involved. They were also paid according to market value. Just like today, typically the less skilled your work, the less pay you received. According to the Department of Labor website, the minimum was officially brought into law on June 26, 1940. The name of the act bringing it to life was called Minimum Wage and Maximum Hours Standards Under the Fair Labor Standards Act. It originally started out at 1 dollar then worked its up. In January 1980 it was $3.10 and by 2007 it had increased to $5.85. Now in 2016, we see movements to increase it even further from 7.25. This is where the controversy and debate starts.

There are two distinct sides, I want to present arguments for and against raising the minimum wage. I want to present it fairly. So I feel obligated to tell you that I am against raising the minimum wage. However, I’m not against raising a reasonable amount that is in accordance with the market value of labor. In other words, if the economy can handle a raise in the minimum wage then so be it. Let me first present the supposed arguments for raising it. This is even hotly debated among economists. So you can expect to be baffled by the contradictory arguments for each side.

For Raising the Minimum Wage:

The line of reasoning for raising the minimum wage is that it will help the poor and single parents. The various other reasons for raising it are that big corporations can afford it, CEO’s make too much and workers deserve it. Typically the Democrats champion these raises in Minimum wage. In recent years, there has been push to raise to 15 dollars an hour. You might hear about the rationale to raise it as a living wage. A living wage really means an increase that is adjusted for inflation. These are just some of the arguments made for the minimum wage to be raised. I want to quote some interesting pro-minimum wage Mythbusters facts from the Labor Department website. (I seriously couldn’t believe this government website sounds like a liberal Facebook page. Talk about propaganda) Without further or ado:

Myth: The federal minimum wage is higher today than it was when President Reagan took office.

Not true: While the federal minimum wage was only $3.35 per hour in 1981 and is currently $7.25 per hour in real dollars, when adjusted for inflation, the current federal minimum wage would need to be more than $8 per hour to equal its buying power of the early 1980s and more nearly $11 per hour to equal its buying power of the late 1960s. That’s why President Obama is urging Congress to increase the federal minimum wage and give low-wage workers a much-needed boost.

Myth: Increasing the minimum wage lacks public support.

Not true: Raising the federal minimum wage is an issue with broad popular support. Polls conducted since February 2013 when President Obama first called on Congress to increase the minimum wage have consistently shown that an overwhelming majority of Americans support an increase.

Myth: Increasing the minimum wage will result in job losses for newly hired and unskilled workers in what some call a “last-one-hired-equals-first-one-fired” scenario.

Not true: Minimum wage increases have little to no negative effect on employment as shown in independent studies from economists across the country. Academic research also has shown that higher wages sharply reduce employee turnover which can reduce employment and training costs.

Once again these are straight from the Department of Labor website. They tried to make the argument that the minimum wage being higher is actually good for the economy. I want to show just a few more for the sake argument. You might read all of this and say looks the minimum wage being 15 dollars an hour isn’t so bad?  If you believe the Department of Labor’s website then yes. Here those other myths before I move onto to the against argument:

Myth: Increasing the minimum wage will cause people to lose their jobs.

Not true: In a letter to President Obama and congressional leaders urging a minimum wage increase, more than 600 economists, including 7 Nobel Prize winners wrote, “In recent years there have been important developments in the academic literature on the effect of increases in the minimum wage on employment, with the weight of evidence now showing that increases in the minimum wage have had little or no negative effect on the employment of minimum-wage workers, even during times of weakness in the labor market. Research suggests that a minimum-wage increase could have a small stimulative effect on the economy as low-wage workers spend their additional earnings, raising demand and job growth, and providing some help on the jobs front.”

Myth: Small business owners can’t afford to pay their workers more, and therefore don’t support an increase in the minimum wage.

Not true: A July 2015 survey found that 3 out of 5 small business owners with employees support a gradual increase in the minimum wage to $12. The survey reports that small business owners say an increase “would immediately put more money in the pocket of low-wage workers who will then spend the money on things like housing, food, and gas. This boost in demand for goods and services will help stimulate the economy and help create opportunities.”

Let’s move onto why one might be against raising the minimum wage. The against argument will consist of a series of rebuttals. In my personal experience, I can rebuke quite a few of the arguments to raise minimum wage. Let’s start with the things I can agree with. I do agree that the public supports raising the minimum wage. More people are for it than against it. Its obvious why too, being paid more money is not something that most would have objections. However, I believe the Department of Labor website completely contradicts a different government agency report on raising minimum wage and the effects it would have on the economy. In order to keep this post from becoming a book, I will just list my rebuttals to the common Pro-minimum wage arguments:

  1. It’s true that minimum wage has not been adjusted for inflation, however, it’s not advisable to raise too quickly since businesses are used to the current level.
  2. It’s a false notion to say that minimum wage WILL NOT cause job losses because according to a Congressional Budget Office study done in 2014, a raise of the minimum wage to just 9 dollars an hour would lead to a short-term decrease in both employment and hiring of low skilled workers. In the long-term it would see the hiring of  higher-skilled workers. The effect would be a little more pronounced at 10.10 an hour and potentially more so at 15. However, the study only takes increases to 9 or 10.10 into account.
  3. The notion that people will won’t lose jobs once again is rebutted by the CBO study on minimum wage. (I will make sure to link the study to this post)  Also just based on a basic knowledge of economics you can make an argument. The way that businesses work and the economy works with the minimum wage is complicated but its a simple concept. Workers who make minimum wage are usually low skilled. Low skilled workers are needed in any capitalist market economy. They are typically the majority and typically short-term. Raising the minimum actually hurts them. Businesses are in business for profits. If they have to pay workers more than that hurts their bottom line. They either have to raise prices or cut workers. Which is different from a business raising their wages on their own.
  4. Small Business owners are for a minimum wage increase. This has to be bullshit because I work for a small business. I’ve worked in companies with low skilled workers. In fact, I am one of those such workers. Let me tell you that most employers in my experience would rather cut the hours or cut the workers than raise prices. A minimum wage increase would only cut employment for the majority of workers in low skilled positions.
  5. My last rebuttal, is that minimum wage will help the poor or single parents. This is the biggest lie ever told. Since the conception of minimum wage it has not helped anybody. Even if it was adjusted for inflation, money is always fluctuating in value according to the markets. Also if the minimum wage is let’s say 15 dollars an hour. That is the base wage for everybody in the country. If the base wage is higher than companies won’t keep their prices lower, they will increase their prices. Not only because they have to pay workers more, but also because people will have more money. So in the end, the rich get richer, the poor stay poor. Minimum wage can’t help poor people because when the government arbitrarily raises the price of labor it only hurts the workers and consumers.

There are my arugments for and against the minimum wage being raised. I know I said I am against it. However, I would be ok with a small increase because of inflation. According to the CBO study it would help a little bit at 9 dollars an hour. But I think there will adverse effects if we raise it to 15 dollars too soon. I also think that theres other options like Baisc Income. I would suggest you read my post on that. So consider my arguments and my sources. Look into some articles about minimum wage yourself. The problem is truly not that raising minimum wage is a bad thing, its only bad if the government is trying to force it on an economy that isn’t ready for it. Like I said if a business raises its own wages thats ok but because the business made that decision on its own. For example, Starbucks recently give all its workers a 5 to 10 percent raise. They also raised their prices. The cause and effect of minimum wage is more important than the amount of the wage itself.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day! My sources are linked below:

CBO Minimum Wage Study: 2014

Department of Labor Website Mythbusters

History of Minimum Wage; also DOL Website

Introduction to Economics: A Historic Review of Modern Political Economic Argument.

Welcome to my very first series post on Economics. Don’t be scared by the long title and big words. Essentially the words: ‘Historic Review’ and ‘Modern Political Economic Argument’ are fancy ways of saying that I will be using historical findings and writings to preview how we look at various economic policies that are used in today’s politics. The word ‘Argument’ has a double meaning because it means I will also being arguing that certain economic policies are less effective than others. This particular post is just an introduction. It won’t be too long, but knowing me that could be a complete lie. In this introduction, I will briefly go over the topics which will conveniently become a post of this series. Each topic will have a dedicated post. I intend to make this a three-part series. However, I cannot rule out expanding if necessary, especially since sometimes it takes a lot of words to explain complex subjects. That being said, I’m going to try to keep it as simple as I can. Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying that any fool can make something more complex but it takes real genius to make it simple.

As I mentioned in my last post that I have been reading up and have an increasing in economics. In this blog, I have often discussed economics due to ignorance of certain politicians and in general. I take great umbrage at people who ignore the facts of economics and still repeat the same lies. However, politic disagreements aside, I truly just want to educate and show people that economics is not just made up out of thin air. It has a deep and rich historical basis. There are a broad number of scholars who made economics what it is today. Much of the Economic policies that you hear about come from the writings of these scholars. There is also the economic measures and policies that many people just don’t understand because it’s not typically taught in school (Highschool many of these subjects I will touch are probably not covered, and in college it would be an elective unless you major in economics)  and it’s just not deemed important.

The three subjects that I want to discuss and argue about are as follows:

Minimum Wage

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Taxation/ Government Budgets

In no particular order, I will proceed to write at least three blog posts about each of these. In each case, I will cover some history about the topic. I will draw on many different sources available either online or in book form. After I use history to help explain what the topic is and how its evolved over time then I will go into the ‘argument’ part. As example, I might take minimum wage. I might try to argue that minimum wage should not be raised. I will lay out arguments both for and against. In the end, I want you to decide how it should be. The point of this series is to educate people on how economics works and how has worked in the past. Granted, I don’t know everything. I’m sure I will miss some things. However, that’s where you come in and fill in the blanks. A healthy democracy involves a citizenry that is educated and asks questions.

Let me just introduce each of the three topics. The first one probably needs no introduction if you follow politics or read this blog. Minimum wage is the floor wage or base wage that is set by the federal, state or local governments. It’s a little fuzzy because the legality and assigned power is not specifically mentioned in the constitution. I may go deeper into this issue, my initial thought would be to say the federal government is overreaching by trying raise the minimum wage because its power that should belong to the states and local government. Let’s face it, the state and local government probably knows what best for its people. I digress. Minimum wage is a hotly debated issue that comes up almost every election cycle.

Gross Domestic Product or its better known acronym GDP is the measure of output and input of any given country. Now in my posts, I will just refer to Gross Domestic Product as GDP. GDP is a very complex and challenging economic indicator. I recently read a book about it. It has history that is very interesting and very controversial. GDP is by no means a perfect measure of economy. Its often used by politicans to justify certain policies. GDP can be misleading because its calculated by a bunch of different statistics that are pieced together. Sometimes and in many cases, the statistics of poorer or less well off countries are skewed or incomplete. This will probably be the last post of series because of its complexity and because my knowledge is somewhat limited.

Taxation/ Governemnt Budgets is a very broad subject and to narrow it down, I mainly just want to disucss how taxes fix into the government’s budget. On the other side of the coin, I want to talk about the fiscal responsibility of the government. Today more than any other time in our history, the government seems to have a dangerous spending problem. The problem is not that our citizens don’t pay their taxes but rather the government out spends the amount of taxes collected. There is a wealth (pun intended, literally) of scholarhsip on taxes. They say there are two things certain in this life, Death and Taxes. In this post, I will almost definitely argue for the fiscal accountability of the government. You will see that fiscal accountability would actually lead to lower taxes. I think everyone can agree with lower taxes?

If  you have any suggestions for other topics, drop me a line. I’m willing to write about almost anything. I think these topics will bring some good questions and maybe answers about certain economic policies. I also think it will be good to explore some lesser known economic topics like GDP. In addition to educating you, I am also learning myself. In my life, I’ve taken two economic classes. Once I took a half year course in highschool. To be honest I did not learn anything. Then in college, I took a course in economics. I believe it was Marco-Economics. I learned the basics like supply and demand. I learned about the importance of scarcity. Now after college, I have been reading up on economics and trying understand how it works. Its definitely a topic that everyone should at least a little bit about it.

In the coming days you should expect the first post of this series. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

The Orlando Shooting—Blowing up the Liberal Media


It is yet another sad day in America as another mass shooting has taken place, this time in an Orlando, Florida nightclub for LGBT. The shooter was a muslim affliated with ISIS. He was also supposedly a registered Democrat. He bought the gun legally with a background check. The outrage should not be over the fact that he was muslim OR the fact that he had an assault weapon. The fact is that this nightclub was an unofficial gun free zone. This mass shooting will be different because it proves that nothing that the mainstream media tries to tell us matters. The leftist and liberal mainstream media won’t be able to pick a side because they don’t want to be islamophobe nor do they want to go against the LGBT. So they will naturally blame guns and republicans. This is not fair. I want to explain why this Muslim guy shooting up a gay nightclub is the perfect reason to vote liberatarian. I want to underscore the fact that I am a supporter of both LGBT rights and the right to openly practice religion. I have no hatred or anything against Muslims. I have nothing against the LGBT community, in fact. I support full rights for gay couples. To me, there is no difference between religion practice and LGBT right, its a right not a priviledge. Therefore, this shooting could have been avoided with the correct policies and maintaining respect for the different cultures that exists in America. Now I will break down each element which are Guns, Muslims and Gays; and I will be  explaining my opinion plus how libertarianism would fix the problems that caused this incident.

The biggest issue to me, the fact that this guy was able to go into a gun free zone with a gun. Many people would argue that he should not have had that gun in the first place. However, let’s remember that criminals and mass shooters don’t give one flying fuck about the laws. I swear that this is forgotten by those on the left who demand more gun control. Everyone on the left will call for more gun control and stricter laws. This will not work, point blank. No criminal ever foll owed the law. Just look at prohibition in the late 1910s to early 1920s. Prohibition ban the production and consumption of alcohol. The result pushed all production and consumption to underground and blackmarket. It led to one of the first organized crime element in the US. The same logic can be applied to gun control and the war on drugs. It is merely human nature to try to subvert the ban. It makes very litte sense to me that we have gun free zones. Gun zones are basically like a mass shooter’s dreamland.

A gun free zone just isn’t the right fix. Just imagine trying to fight a war by telling your enemy that your base is a gun free zone. Do you really think they will believe that? Its so unfortunate that Obama and most of the left are so blinded big government. The government needs to take a step back and repeal all gun laws. Then they need to pass just a few laws that would limit the amount of guns and shootings without much trouble. The first law should be a universal background check, for everybody and every way that you can buy a gun. The second law should be a psychological evalutation of every gun owner to see if they have any possiblity of going on a mass shooting spree. This law should require each gun owner to reevaluted each year. The last law should allow open carry in every type of facility no matter where it is or what its for. The reason is that if everyone or most people have a good in any given area then nobody would be stupid enough to try to shoot up. Why is this so hard to understand. If you still disagree, then why do police have guns? Why does Obama get protected by men with guns? Riddle me that, if guns are the cause of these mass shootings. I’d blame the person pulling the trigger, that is what we should trying to regulate.

There has been a ton of backlash towards Muslims and this shooting is not helping. Unfortunately, the Muslim faith is one that America just doesn’t get. However, the similarity of beliefs put this Mulism shooter in the same company as many Christians. If you are Catholic, Protestant, or most sects of Christianity you are taught that being gay is a sin. Many Christians and even some Church clergy just look the other way despite their belief because of the acceptance in society. Also, there is a lot of Muslims and they don’t all claim to love ISIS and try to kill innocent people. So how big of issue is the fact that this guy was a Muslim? Not that big of deal, its a right. His affilation with ISIS? That is a problem, however with tighter border security, we could fix that. (No walls just more border agents or even better get the US military there.) The real problem is that our beliefs do clash. I think that government will be hard pressed to find a solution to such a problem. However, the private sector needs educate Muslims on the acceptance of gays in America. This could be in part funded by government. The media could also by being fair to both Muslims and gays, not just telling bad news about Muslims and good news about gays. As for the education, it needs to teach respect for other cultures because I think that what America lacks the most. Its not an easy to teach respect because it just isn’t there. Our past actions as a nation have separated our cultures. The rise of ISIS was created by the bombing and invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. This is also known as blowback, so maybe our foreign policy needs to change.

Last but not least, the gay people who were the victims in this horrible crime. The victims were slayed in vein because of nonsense laws that restricts guns and allow criminals to flourish. I thought that acceptance of LGBT was at a high point but appearently not. Once again, I think its a similar solution. Gay people should have as many rights as straight people. They need to be educated on how their attraction to the same sex might be offensive to different religions. I believe its their right to get married and live their lives, but they need to be careful with their pride. Pride is a dangerous thing. Obviously in this case, the killer was a Muslim affliated with ISIS, who recently vowed to destroy America. The lesson for all Americans not just gay people is that we need to start respecting each other and other nations. We also need to not fear ISIS because these attacks will keep coming. We can’t back down from them. ISIS feeds off of fear.

Overall, I know this shooting will only create more havoc over the gun laws. Its unfortunate that the real solution is ignored because people think that guns shoot themselves. No, its people that shoot the guns. The access to guns isn’t the problem either because you will never completely restrict it. The black market knows its way around the laws. The problem is that we legislate open shooting ranges for these mass shooters. The victims are gays, children and adults. Aka people, gays and adults could be armed to prevent anyone from attempting such a terrible crime. I just personally cannot believe it keeps happening and all the politicans and people clamor for the SAME policies that caused it. Its absolutely insane. Why not try something different because clearly what we are doing now isn’t working. Laws are meant to be broken. The second amendment does exist because you supposed to protect yourself and your country.

May the victims of the Orlando Shooting and their families find peace.

Thanks for reading!

Super Tuesday; Super Opinions

Super Tuesday was the most thrilling and shocking Super Tuesday in a long time. The breakthrough of Donald Trump has taken the nation by storm. It has surprised pudits and bucked trends. There is no way to predict what might happen because this type of candidate has never been seen before. I was anxiously awaiting the results to see what would happen. I predicted with some accuracy to my facebook friends that Trump would previal in most states except Texas. I was correct because Trump won 8 states inculding close victories in Virginia and Vermont. Ted Cruz won Alaska, Texas and a shocking victory in Oklahoma. On the Democratic side, Clinton won 9 states sweeping Sanders’ 4 and increasing her delegate margin. I find both of the primary races on each side to be so interesting. In this article, I want to talk about my opinion of Super Tuesday and prehaps predict some what may happen next. I also want to link the coolest delegate and poll watcher interactive made by fivethirtyeight. This interactive shows you an indepth look at how the candidates are doingand in polls of primary states and their delegate count. I would recommend that you see this interactive and explore it. I will also be referring to fivethirtyeight’s interactive throughout this post. It works as a great guide to see what has happened and what may happen in the future.

Let’s start with the orange rich guy, Donald Trump. So like I previously stated that Trump had won 8 states which equaled to about 254 delegates to add to his total which now stands at 336. Trump’s success was not seen in the beginning and many have been skeptical including me. But now its legitimate. Trump has bucked the trends. Usually a non-political background dooms a presidency. Just look at Ben Carson, he peaked in November and now he won’t be in the next debate. The interesting thing about Trump is his tactics seem to be more savvy than the media reports. Everyone knows about his racist rants and insults against women. However, that narrative is why the media is always covering him. You never know what he will say next. But I realize in listening to his speech last night with a terrified Chris Christie behind him, that Trump is pursuing a general election strategy. An analyst on tv noted it first but it got me thinking about his actions of late and in the past. Depsite being heavily attacked by other candidates, Trump always responded with a worst insult. But in the last few debates, he has been focusing more on Hillary Clinton and taking down her policies and record. In this speech last night, he spent time doing that same thing. Trump is clearly smart enough to realize with a strong lead going into mid march that he needs to start working on Clinton now. Because its likely that he will face her in the election. I say strong lead, but in reality I think its a lot closer. Let me explain why.

The republican race is interesting because of Trump and the candidates that he’s running against. Ted Cruz has won 3 states and is considered to be the most conservative candidate left. Marco Rubio is the essisential establishment candidate that can appael to anyone and has won one state, Minnesota. You also might forget about Ben Carson and John Kaisch. The race as it stands right now actually favors Trump because the delegates and votes are split between five candidates. Meaning you need less votes to win. Obviously with Trump being so racist and sexist at times it means he may scare off some voters. There’s actually a new super pac that wants to stop Trump from getting the nomination but I think its a little late. The first thing is that they need to eliminate all candidates except the strongest one. That is going to be tough. I believe ideally the candidate to face off with Trump would be Cruz and with 3 states. The super pac needs to put all their weight on Cruz in order to beat Trump. I think its possible but it might be too late. With the next round of primaries next week, with the likes of Florida and Ohio. The problem is if Trump can win Florida, he gets 99 delegates and the second place winner gets nothing. So Florida could easily decide a nominee. I will be watching carefully to see if anything happens because it could be interesting.

On a short side note, there is a growing list of celebrities who say they will leave the country if Trump is elected. I wish them good luck and goodbye. Canada has different problems than here doesn’t mean its better. Plus I don’t understand because if Trump is elected then usually a democratic congress is elected. So President Trump won’t have much luck doing anything with Congress.

In democratic side, its pretty simple to breakdown. Clinton has a YUGE lead on Sanders. Try 596 to 399. Nearly two hundred delegates. The problem for Sanders, his social justice appael just doesn’t work. Unfortunately, Clinton can lie and cheat all she wants but is still trusted by minorities. Meanwhile Sanders who means well and doesn’t seem to be racist in anyway, can’t seem to connect with black voters. I have a few thoeries but my main one is that being a white male, socialist isn’t really what black voters are looking for. Hillary has a good record with black voters so by default she seems to edging Sanders out. As for the future, I don’t see Sanders ever really catching up because I think Hillary will win the biggest delegate states like New York, Ohio, and California.

So my take on Super Tuesday is that the general election will be Trump vs. Clinton. Probably one of the most unlikely presidential races to
ever occur. The first woman to ever be nominated for president in the US. Trump will be the first ever non-career politcian to be elected. Although a historic race, I feel like there should still be a third party candidate. If you have read any of my past posts you would find I don’t favor either of the candidates. I feel like there is a gray area in politics between left and right. That’s right, I want a libertarian candidate. I think the race would be much more interesting with another candidate up there. The problem for me and this country is that libertarians are unpopular among the media and voters. Many assume its just anarchy or fence sitting but its actually a fine line between the two extremes. Contrary to preception, a libertarian fire department where you put out your own fires or a libertarian intersection with no stop lights or signs is just a joke. There’s a point where there is too much regulation in government. Usually too much means advantages for the private sector. Libertarians want just enough regulation to keep special interests at bay and keep citizens free of government control. Everyone should consider the libertarian point of view.

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The Great Debate and Controversy!

Tomorrow is the first democratic debate on CNN at 8:30pm. I am excited to see what happens with this debate especially considering the two leading candidates will have a chance to go head to head. The debate will feature five candidates overall. I expect to see a lot of republican bashing and hard-line democratic agenda. I hope to see if a candidate especially Hillary and Bernie to distinguish themselves.

In addition to watching the debate, I will also being taking some notes and posting my thoughts on this blog. Of course, unless a candidate blows me away I doubt they can persuade my vote. However, I will try to objective judge each candidate based what I hear in their performance. I have detailed both Bernie and Hillary quite extensively. I have made posts about many of the issues on their platforms. Other than the debate coverage, I want to cover a few more topics in this posts. Among them, I want to the national holiday that falls on October 12th.

Columbus Day has annual holiday in October usually falling on the 12th. It has been a national holiday since 1971. However, according to Wikipedia there are some states that don’t recognize it. I always in the past had liked the holiday because I got a day off from school. Once I got to college I saw that the holiday was not so great. First, I read a book called “Lies my teacher told me” by James Loewen. I recommend reading it.  Its an absolutely amazing book about history and how it is taught in schools. There has always been controversy especially in Texas with the textbooks and whitewashing. If you are not familiar with whitewashing, it is basically the stripping of negatives in history teaching. In other words, its Americanism. The idea that America has never done wrong and always is right. Unfortunately, there is enough whitewashing to write a whole book on it!

One of the issues that Loewen covers and one of the most important and relevant issues is of Christopher Columbus.  Columbus was an Italian born sailor. After many unsuccessful tries to set sail and find treasure and fortune. Columbus finally was given a chance to sail across the Atlantic by the King of Portugal. The story goes that Columbus set sail with three ships, the Santa maria, Pinta and Nina. Columbus had a very long trip in which his crew endure tough Atlantic storms and alleged sea monsters! Finally he landed in the Bahamas. NOT IN AMERICA. The natives in the Bahamas greeted him without knowing what was coming. Columbus was by no means a nice visitor. In reality, he was pirate. He was sent by the King of Portugal to find gold. When he didn’t find any gold, he basically killed the natives. He raped their women. Columbus and his crew gave them diseases like smallpox. Columbus made many voyages across the Atlantic. One of other famous claims is that Columbus discover the earth wasn’t flat. This might be his only real accomplishment.

The Columbus represents what many historians believe was an accidental and later purposeful genocide of native peoples throughout the Americas. In North America alone, by the turn of the century in 1900, it is estimated that 95 percent of the Native Americans were wiped out. Well over half of those were through disease. The others were decimated by war.

American History textbooks tend to whitewash these facts. Everyone is taught that Columbus was a hero for discovering America. Unfortunately the truth is that Columbus was an asshole. He did nothing good for America. I think that its ridiculous that we celebrate a murder and a rapist. Americans are so brainwashed. Schools need to stop teaching this bullshit to kids. Teach them what really happened.

Surprisingly, there has been little movement to change this awful holiday. Yet the irony is that the word “redskin” is somehow racist. It doesn’t make much sense especially when many natives see the term as something that describes their culture. My question is How can Columbus be a hero yet a stupid mascot is racists? I mean isn’t there something missing here? Do I think that Washington Redskins should change their name? My answer is maybe. Maybe if they reach a settlement and pay some type of charity to help out Native Americans on reservations. If not then change it.  The Washington Redskins could at least raise awareness for the real Native Americans. Anything that shows that their not just racists. Even though all the money in the world can’t take back what happened its better than just ignoring it.

My point here is that students in schools should be educated on the reality of American History. History isn’t all great. America has done some pretty fucked up stuff. We might be a successful country but that comes with a costs. Its not just Native Americans that have been wronged. We have done wrong against almost every type of people from all origins. The combination of our manifest destiny and our democracy first mentality has led us to do some horrible things.

Some of my favorite quotes to end this post, is by Winston Churchill.

” If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.

“Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.”

History is written by the victors.

Thanks for reading! Tune into the debate tomorrow!