Hack-A-DNC: The Real Face of the Party

Unless you live under a rock or maybe if you just really don’t care about politics then there is a good chance you have heard about the DNC email hack. Just the latest series of events proving that Democrats aren’t exactly the ‘good people’ they try to portray. You honestly couldn’t write this stuff if you tried. The origins of the hack seem to be from some pro-Russian hacker group or the Russia government itself. The origin of the hacker doesn’t change the content. Of course, Hillary and her campaign has been too quick to point out that these Russia hackers are trying to help Trump. However, there is no proof that says that’s the case at all. It seems that the DNC and the Clinton were collaborating to help Clinton and discredit Bernie Sanders. Not only that but they also degraded and made awful statements about voters and Sanders’ staff. This post will not be very long because the facts are out, I just want to point out that this is real democratic party.

I already knew that the Democrats were not the party of inclusion and fairness. Just look at their policies. Every policy that they propose is just a scam to help the elites. They market to the poorest, stupidest, and most underpriviledged people so that they easily trick them! Even worse, they are racist cheaters. Let’s start with poor Bernie Sanders who was not only cheated but also derided for his religious beliefs. If you read any of my blog you probably know that I am no fan of Sanders policies or platform. However, I would never attack him because he is Jewish. I would never call his campaign manager an asshole. It’s one thing to disagree with somebody. It’s a totally different thing to absolutely assualt their character and person.

As if that wasn’t enough, the DNC and their crooked ChairDemon (I don’t care, Debbie you belong in jail) also rigged the election so that it was an guarentee that Hillary Clinton would win. That is the eptiome of corruption. I am not even surprised. People need to re-evaluate who their voting for. If you think Trump is bad, the DNC and Clinton make Trump look like a good choice. At least Trump won fair and square. The worst of all these emails besides the assualt on Bernie, is the racism and sexism. Just type in google, DNC leaked Racist emails. You can find a few juicy ones. Like calling the outreach to Latinos the “Taco Bowl Engagment.” No Trump didn’t say that, it was the DNC calling their biggest base of voters fucking Taco Bowls! Are people really going to fucking vote for these lowlife pieces of shit?? Honestly!

Someone please help me understand this…The Democratic Party is the Demoncratic Party. It didn’t stop there with the racism. They even made fun of a black woman’s name. I won’t even say it because its that terrible. But if you want to see it, then here it fucking is. The biggest piece of shit is Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She is the Queen of the this evil empire. She is the mastermind behind slamming Sanders and fostering racism and sexism. She is the same woman who resigned from the DNC in shame, then in no shame was hired by Hillary Clinton to work on her campaign. In my opinion, this whole campagin and convention should have been stopped immediately. Number 1: They cheated, so there should be a re-vote. Number 2: Bernie Sanders should sue them for harassment and slander. Number 3: The FBI needs to put both Hillary and Debbie in fucking jail.

So If I could impart you with just one piece of advice, don’t vote for those crooked, lying, racist, sexist, piece of shit people that call themselves Democrats. Never vote them for again because they are probably slandering you in their private emails.  They probably think your retarded for even wanting to vote for them. They know how bad your gonna get fucked. 

This being said, with all my french, You should seriously consider a third party candidate. I would recommend Gary Johnson. However, if your dog or neighbor makes a better candidate then by all means write them in.

#NeverHillary #NeverDemocrat

Thanks for reading and sorry for the swearing but I’m pissed as hell.



Police Violence and Racial Tensions: War Intensifies

The past events of this week have brought the racial tension and police hatred to a fever pitch. The protest of police shootings has led to retaliation by the same people who feel oppressed.  The amount of death and destruction caused by this police versus colored people is absolutely unnecessary and unfathomable. It is unfortunate that police had to shoot and kill two black men. It’s unfortunate that 5 officers had to die in Dallas because of those same police shootings. Nobody should be dying from unnecessary violence. Not black people, Not police officers. I am beyond mortified by these events and the coming war that will only get worse unless we act to remedy the real problems that exist. This post is not a political grandstand nor is it an attempt to cover up or dilute the loss of life, no matter what color skin.

The first problem is obviously the social construct that is racism. People often forget that racism isn’t just limited towards black people but all people can experience it. It is accepted that black or colored people often face racism in common everyday situations. Unfortunately there are no laws or rules that we can make to fix racism. Racism is born out of our history. America was a slave holding nation in the beginning and after the civil war that same distinction that slaves had become the stigma of colored people. The racist ideas about colored people have never died only adapted over time. Now we see it in voting laws, education, police matter, and much more. Racism has one fix. It starts with you and me. In our everyday lives, we need to treat everyone fairly regardless of skin color. If you are in a position of power then judge people strictly on merit and character. Most importantly, encourage others to do the same.

The second problem is retorhic  of political nature. What I mean by this is that politicians especially liberals and President Obama tend to talk negatively about police. Yet at the same time they pass policies that hurt those people they say they want to help. The rehortic of gun control is also damaging to police and people who carry guns. The same people who want to ban guns are the same people who trust the police with guns. We need to stop talking and start doing something. President Obama does almost nothing but side with the victims. He gives no objective or constructive input on any of the situations that occur with gun violence by police or criminals. It’s unfortunate that the liberal media demonize guns and black people then it makes police shootings seem that much worse. The problem with talk is that its cheap. Politian need to shut up and maybe do something constructive to help mitigate this violence.

Now I want to look at what is not a problem and some possible solutions. It does no good to try to pick a side or try to sympathize with either of the victims. One thing that clearly isn’t problem is guns. There is no getting around the fact that guns will always get into the wrong hands. It happens and always will. We don’t need gun control just need to regulate who gets the guns. I have said this before, we need psychological evaluations every year just like a car inspection. Along with a yearly background check this will combat the number of people who get guns who might be a risk to shoot up some place.

Unfortunately there are limited solutions in tears of laws and rules. But one possible way to quell police shootings is through some stricter protocol of when an officer is actually allowed to pull the trigger. I personally know an NYPD cop. He and I have had conversations about police shootings. One of things that he told me was that officers are typically trained to go on their instinct. If they don’t feel safe then they are allowed to draw their weapon. I think officers should probably be trained to only pull the trigger if there is an absolute and immediate threat to their well-being. Such as if a suspect draws a gun themselves or another deadly weapon. The addition of body cams could help make sure that the officer actually does follow protcol. For me, I am just as concerned for the person who is being pursued by police as the police officer.

Another thing is make gun laws nationwide. The second  amendment guarantees the right to bears no matter what. Unify the gun laws so police know that in every town, county, city and state have the same laws. This way police can act accordingly. If every non-felon who has passed a psychological  evaluation year has gun than its fine. Another important thing if you do have a gun and the police ask you to identify where, then you should comply. The basic concept is that as long as you cooperate you shouldn’t need to worry about getting shot by police whether your white, black or any other color. However, on the flip side if you don’t comply then police should have a right to draw their gun. If you try to touch your gun then I would say they have to right to shoot. Its only fair.

If we don’t make changes to our justice system or to our social constructs this violence will only get worse. Its even worse because the two presidential candidates are totally blind to causes of this violence. Its never been white vs. black or police vs. black. All of these supposed rivals are human beings. We have set up these battles for political gain  or personal gain. This is not a new thing. We need to fix the laws accordingly and be more understanding of other’s struggles. Sadly, only a few people grasp the reality of this violence. The political policies of the democrats and republicans have only made the racism and wealth gap larger. Its no secret that the elites wants to battle each other. Look up Gender 21 or George Soros. Look up the Illumati. Look up who owns most of the world’s money. Its only about 300 families. People need to wake up. If we let these tragedies  control our emotions then we let the government take away more of our rights. Its a vicious cycle.

Just to remember to respect people of other races and respect the police, because like everyone else they have a job to do. Thanks for reading!

Points of View, Hate vs. Criticism

Recently I have been actively posting political articles and pictures on Facebook. The fact I would even bother to do such a thing, would just mean I’m asking for it. The reason I do it is similar to reasons why I write this blog. I want to educate people about these politicians who become demigods. It happens with both sides. Trump has his flaws plaster all over every news outlet known to mankind. Meanwhile Hillary is constantly avoiding her baggage and corruption. I tend to get the most flack for posting articles or commenting about Bernie Sanders and his baggage. All politicians are liars, its what they do. I feel like many people feel that Bernie is somehow different from every other politician. I got news for you. He not special by any stretch of the imagination. Politics are a dirty game. Despite my personal feelings on Sanders, I can say with confidence that if he was as truthful as people think he is, then he would not be in this presidential race. He would have dropped out in December.

My point as my title indicates is that points of view is an important facet of politics. Politics is similar to sports because sometimes the passion of the supporters overshadows the bigger picture. Personally, I don’t hate any candidate. I don’t hate Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz. They are all humans and have made mistakes. I get that their not perfect nor ever will be. However, I do like to criticize their platforms and policy positions. I think the beauty of American politics is that you openly criticize and question any candidate. Just because a person criticizes and constantly asks questions about a candidate or many candidates it doesn’t mean they hate them or are against them. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t vote for any of them, yet they all have SOME positives if they were to win the presidency.

Let’s get right to the article that actually spurred this post and my last post. The article was very well written. I encourage you to read it right now. The name of the article is “Bernie Sanders is Lying about Race and Here’s Proof.” The author does an amazing job and putting together all the necessary numbers to prove his statement and position wrong. Initially when I read it, I was just so amazed on how much I didn’t realize. It was a very educational article.

Here is an excerpt about the statistics straight from the Department of Justice:

Bernie has made it clear time and time again that police brutality is a race issue, but is that true?

Police killed more white people than any other race in 2015. A total 385 white people have been killed by police this year, and 66 of them were unarmed at the time of their death.

To be fair, a look at per capita shows that blacks may be more likely to be killed by police. Police killed almost five black people per every million black residents of the U.S., compared with about 2 per million for both white and Hispanic victims.

Is that all because of racism? Not necessarily.

Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit over half of homicides in the United States. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides, compared to 45% of homicides committed by whites.

Though the amount of blacks being persecuted by cops appears over-represented due to blacks representing 13% of the population, it’s the opposite when you factor in violent crime offenders. Given that whites and blacks commit a similar amount of violent crime by percentage – though blacks commit much more per capita – you would expect that the amount of police brutality to be the same. This is not the case; in fact whites are nearly twice as likely to be victims of police brutality based on the numbers.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, between 1999 and 2011, 2,151 whites died as a result of being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks.

Its actually pretty crazy to realize that even though blacks commit more crime its actually white people who have been affected by police brutality more often. Even with percentages its about same in committed crimes. I think the author also gives some good criticism of Sanders too. However, does not offer a solution and that is something I might be able to do.

Another excerpt:

Bernie’s continual pandering to Black Lives Matter racist campaign does absolutely nothing to help blacks or whites. It’s simply removing the locus of control from black individuals, so that they can blame everything on whites.


The government has been the greatest force to prevent blacks from getting out of poverty and doing well: 

“The economic milieu in which the War on Poverty arose is noteworthy. As of 1965, the number of Americans living below the official poverty line had been declining continuously since the beginning of the decade and was only about half of what it had been fifteen years earlier. Between 1950 and 1965, the proportion of people whose earnings put them below the poverty level, had decreased by more than 30%. The black poverty rate had been cut nearly in half between 1940 and 1960. In various skilled trades during the period of 1936-59, the incomes of blacks relative to whites had more than doubled. Further, the representation of blacks in professional and other high-level occupations grew more quickly during the five years preceding the launch of the War on Poverty than during the five years thereafter.

The author is exactly right. I suggest you read the whole article. Now I want to offer a short solution. Also I want to point out how criticizing Sanders doesn’t equal hating on him. This article is a respectable and scholarly piece on his policy. The author suggests that there is a few policy areas where the solution can be found. Obviously, the problem has been government and that is the first step. However, just saying “oh let’s get rid of government just so we can replace it with more government” is not a very good solution.

The solution I believe from Economic point of view is one where you slowly eliminate the minimum wage giving companies the freedom and the workers the ability to negotiate the combination of wages and benefits that would be required for both parties. Second, you would want to lower business taxes especially for small business owners. With more money to hire workers and less taxes aka overhead, the prices of goods would stabilize. Let the free market decide what the price is using simple supply and demand. It could benefit both the consumer and the worker. Let’s remember that a reduction in taxes like I am suggesting here would require some major cuts to the federal budget, most of which could come from wasteful spending and extra military spending.

The solution I believe from an social/ criminal justice point of view is a little more complicated. I think the first step is De-militarize and get the politics out of police departments. One way to do this would be to privatize certain aspects of the police force. The bureaucracy (government officials) should control the statistics and filing. However, the actual policing could be hired out. The regulations would have to disallow in my opinion, things like quotas, discrimination, bribes, bets…etc.etc. The police would have to be held accountable for their actions. Which I believe if the actual patrols are privately paid officers this would open them up to government investigation and scrutiny if there is wrongdoing. Less back door deals and more transparency. Point is more transparency and communication between government and police. A set of checks and balances regulation would be best.

I think that socially, we need to even the playing field by getting rid of policies that favor either race or origin. Maybe even strength anti-discrimination laws with the exception of affirmative action. I believe that merit and actions should decide who gets jobs and who gets put in jail. A merit based system would benefit those who are careful to avoid wrongdoing.

This solution is not something that could implemented right away. It could take years for it to come to fruition. If society can just accept that all people are equals then we can eliminate all the need for things like Black Lives Matter. I think one of the consequences of 9/11 is a more intense police force especially in cities. The tensions between races and religious have polarized the world. I sort of elude to this in another recent post.

One of the unfortunate things about Bernie and Hillary is that their policies tend to hurt minorities. They even undermine the efforts of those minorities to gain an equal footing. The fact is that minorities will vote for these policies thinking they are helpful. Its pretty sad to think about. The worst kind of discrimination is the kind you can’t see. Many call it White Privilege. I think that one way to prevent unseen discrimination is just to be fair to everyone. Treat everyone the same way you would want to be treated. If you are hiring people for a job, just remember how you got hired. There is no reason to judge someone on sexual orientation, origin, religion or race. Judge them on their work effort, their resume, their experience.  Its all  about the criticism of merit NOT the hate of race or origin!

Thanks for reading, I know its longer than usual!

Minimum Wage and Racial Discrimination

I feel like I have been beating a dead horse by talking about the disaster that raising the minimum wage would bring to America. I have probably mentioned it in every other post on this blog. Here is a couple of past posts that have talked about minimum wage. Seriously just scroll through the blog. Anyway, in the post I will be presenting my usual arguments against the minimum wage. The difference will be however, that I will show how it actually affects the minorities both in race and sex. Minimum wage seems on the surface to be a simple issue of what the floor wage should be as set by the government. Recently, both New York and California have passed minimum wage laws. In New York, the NYC area will be at 15 dollars an hour in 2020 and upstate New York will follow that in 2022. The law implements a slow increase over the years. Similarly in California, the minimum wage will be increasing to 15 dollars an hour. One city in California has already instituted a 15 dollar an hour wage. The only other place in the US that currently has a 15 dollar minimum wage is Seattle, Washington.

The results of these wage increases by the government will have some damaging effects on both businesses and job seekers and holders alike. I recently did some research and found an study by the CBO or Congressional Budget Office. A non-partisan research office that works with economics and budgets. This article published in February of 2014 was done on the effects of raising minimum wage to just 9 and 10.10 an hour respectively. It argues exactly as I do that increasing minimum wage increases unemployment and increases the value of goods while decreasing spending power and decreasing job growth. Just imagine at 10.10 the effects can be pretty devastating. So imagine the damage done by a increase of nearly  8 dollars. (Federal Minimum wage is 7.25)

The usual narrative of support for such increases is that it would help poorer workers and put more money in the pockets of taxpayers and less for profits of businesses. These are false assumptions. Minimum wage actually hurts those who it intends to help. Businesses will make profits regardless of minimum wage. If wages are artificially raised too high either they will move out of the country or go out of business. What is the point of making no profits? Again it hurts those workers who are the poorest and the least qualified for a job. It hurts immigrants, poor minorities, high school students, college students, and post-graduates. The reason why it hurts these groups of the people because a business when faced with a wage increase will cut the most unnecessary workers first. That means those with the least experience and skills. For example, at Mcdonald’s they have invested significantly in Kiosk and automated cashiers. These automated cashiers can replace actual human cashiers in efficiency in the short term and in paid wages in the long term.

The broadest support for minimum wage at 15 dollars is by liberal minorities and fast food workers, lower level workers who might be immigrants or new job seekers out of highschool or college. These are the people of who will be pushed out by a higher minimum wage. Businesses may cut these high cost, low skill workers and instead pay someone with more experience and more skills. A higher minimum wage also increases competition for jobs even low or no skill jobs. So the more experienced and more skill workers will win out jobs over minority immigrants and students.

Many people don’t realize that minimum wage actually perpetuates racial discrimination. The sad part is that politicians especially democrats like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton gain supporters in these groups by advocating a 15 dollar wage. This is why you should always be informed about the policies a particular candidate supports. This is not to bash democrats because Republicans use similar tactics on other issues. (Topic for another day) I think that a big part of the perceived and real racial discrimination comes at an socioeconomic level. Even though, that statistically there are more white people on welfare than there are colored people. Racial discrimination is a tough issue to fix because of its deeply ingrained roots in our society. Individually we all have a responsibility to treat everyone with the same respect. I believe that if we can stop hurting minority races with harmful economic policies like artificially high wages and higher taxes that we can eliminate some of the disadvantages.

At the same time, I have hope for the future because the acceptance of every race as normal and equal has become more common in the newer generations. I believe starting in people born after 1980 there has a been fundamental change in how races are viewed. The acceptance of gay marriage is a part of this movement towards equality for everyone. I also think that North Carolina is wrong for trying regulate transgender people in bathrooms. There is no legal or real grounds for any legislation like that. If you can share a bathroom with sex offenders and rapist then I think it will be okay if a few transgender people are in there.

My point in this post that minimum wage is a part of the problem not the solution. So please try to be informed about issues because sometimes the effects can be more negative than positive. Just remember that countries like Switzerland have no minimum wage yet they are paid very well. We don’t need the government to help us get better wages. Get better education and skills then the money will flow. Thanks for reading!


The Great Debate and Controversy!

Tomorrow is the first democratic debate on CNN at 8:30pm. I am excited to see what happens with this debate especially considering the two leading candidates will have a chance to go head to head. The debate will feature five candidates overall. I expect to see a lot of republican bashing and hard-line democratic agenda. I hope to see if a candidate especially Hillary and Bernie to distinguish themselves.

In addition to watching the debate, I will also being taking some notes and posting my thoughts on this blog. Of course, unless a candidate blows me away I doubt they can persuade my vote. However, I will try to objective judge each candidate based what I hear in their performance. I have detailed both Bernie and Hillary quite extensively. I have made posts about many of the issues on their platforms. Other than the debate coverage, I want to cover a few more topics in this posts. Among them, I want to the national holiday that falls on October 12th.

Columbus Day has annual holiday in October usually falling on the 12th. It has been a national holiday since 1971. However, according to Wikipedia there are some states that don’t recognize it. I always in the past had liked the holiday because I got a day off from school. Once I got to college I saw that the holiday was not so great. First, I read a book called “Lies my teacher told me” by James Loewen. I recommend reading it.  Its an absolutely amazing book about history and how it is taught in schools. There has always been controversy especially in Texas with the textbooks and whitewashing. If you are not familiar with whitewashing, it is basically the stripping of negatives in history teaching. In other words, its Americanism. The idea that America has never done wrong and always is right. Unfortunately, there is enough whitewashing to write a whole book on it!

One of the issues that Loewen covers and one of the most important and relevant issues is of Christopher Columbus.  Columbus was an Italian born sailor. After many unsuccessful tries to set sail and find treasure and fortune. Columbus finally was given a chance to sail across the Atlantic by the King of Portugal. The story goes that Columbus set sail with three ships, the Santa maria, Pinta and Nina. Columbus had a very long trip in which his crew endure tough Atlantic storms and alleged sea monsters! Finally he landed in the Bahamas. NOT IN AMERICA. The natives in the Bahamas greeted him without knowing what was coming. Columbus was by no means a nice visitor. In reality, he was pirate. He was sent by the King of Portugal to find gold. When he didn’t find any gold, he basically killed the natives. He raped their women. Columbus and his crew gave them diseases like smallpox. Columbus made many voyages across the Atlantic. One of other famous claims is that Columbus discover the earth wasn’t flat. This might be his only real accomplishment.

The Columbus represents what many historians believe was an accidental and later purposeful genocide of native peoples throughout the Americas. In North America alone, by the turn of the century in 1900, it is estimated that 95 percent of the Native Americans were wiped out. Well over half of those were through disease. The others were decimated by war.

American History textbooks tend to whitewash these facts. Everyone is taught that Columbus was a hero for discovering America. Unfortunately the truth is that Columbus was an asshole. He did nothing good for America. I think that its ridiculous that we celebrate a murder and a rapist. Americans are so brainwashed. Schools need to stop teaching this bullshit to kids. Teach them what really happened.

Surprisingly, there has been little movement to change this awful holiday. Yet the irony is that the word “redskin” is somehow racist. It doesn’t make much sense especially when many natives see the term as something that describes their culture. My question is How can Columbus be a hero yet a stupid mascot is racists? I mean isn’t there something missing here? Do I think that Washington Redskins should change their name? My answer is maybe. Maybe if they reach a settlement and pay some type of charity to help out Native Americans on reservations. If not then change it.  The Washington Redskins could at least raise awareness for the real Native Americans. Anything that shows that their not just racists. Even though all the money in the world can’t take back what happened its better than just ignoring it.

My point here is that students in schools should be educated on the reality of American History. History isn’t all great. America has done some pretty fucked up stuff. We might be a successful country but that comes with a costs. Its not just Native Americans that have been wronged. We have done wrong against almost every type of people from all origins. The combination of our manifest destiny and our democracy first mentality has led us to do some horrible things.

Some of my favorite quotes to end this post, is by Winston Churchill.

” If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.

“Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.”

History is written by the victors.

Thanks for reading! Tune into the debate tomorrow!