Bordertarians: Wall Worshipers

Cue the #BuildtheWall chants and Pepe memes because we’re going to be discussing walls at length. In all seriousness though, this post is centered around borders as they are enforced by the State. Of course, a wall is now the preferred method of protecting such a border. Now this particular article is not aimed at those conservatives (Statists) who support having such a wall. This article is aimed directly at those “libertarians’ who justify a state enforced border because they don’t understand it or don’t believe that society can exist without it. Also these people label themselves as “Libertarians” because they don’t believe in the government doing anything else except that border. Hence the name “Bordertarians”, which I will refer to them as.

Pro and Cons of Borders 

Obviously, I am going acknowledge that borders have at least one pro but it has nothing to do with the State. They make a good organizational structure in which to view world. Borders do have their place within the context of individual’s property rights which I will get to later. The cons of borders are many, you can see it right here in America. People will cross them illegally. The border is expensive to maintain, with border patrol agents, surveillance, and potentially walls.  The border can also create a lot of unnecessary violence especially when trying to enforce it.  Yes, some of these cons do exist even without the State being involved, its just the nature of a border.

Cognitive Dissonance: Give Liberty or Give me Walls.

My biggest problem with bordertarians is that they won’t admit to being closeted Republicans at worst, at best they are minarchists. Hear me out: It doesn’t matter what your other beliefs are, but if you justify anything with state backed laws or power then you aren’t really a libertarian. The same goes for borders. I’m not saying you have be totally against borders. You have to be against STATE enforced borders. This is what many bordertarians fail to grasp is that anything the STATE enforces is a form of statistism. That being said there is a way to be for borders without the state which I’ll get to in a second. The other issue often brought up with borders and walls is that of the welfare state. Some bordertarians advocate that cutting the welfare state would fix the border problems. Obviously, not handing out free money is a good start. However, typically people will flock to a prosperous economic country with jobs. As you can imagine, a country without a welfare state probably has a decent economy or at least it should in theory because otherwise everyone is dying. My point is that the state should always be eliminated in every aspect and facet of society.

Private Property: Real Borders 

Now let me discuss an acceptable form of borders which all true libertarians should support. Bordertarians justify the state to enforce imaginary borders that have no real backing behind them. The real case for borders is via private property. Individuals have the right to own property which is including but not limited to themselves, land, other possessions. This means that individuals have “borders” and in this case  it means natural rights. The individual’s property is their natural rights. Other individuals should not and cannot violate the “borders” or natural rights of other individuals. These are the only borders that libertarians support.

Conclusion: Just the Tip: NOT EVEN ONCE

The point of this post is to say that support of anything state enforce is not true libertarianism because the whole point is to reduce government to nothing. We can’t keep giving the government MORE responsibility it can’t handle. Let’s face it, the government does a poor job of handling the border. There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the country and counting. The problem is that government would rather illegals come here than actually help the one’s that do the process legally. Its very frustrating to see because of many of the legal immigrants are harder working than Americans. We don’t need state enforced borders, we need private property rights and the right to defend it. That will work better than any state run border.

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Libertarianism IS NOT Centrism.

***This post is dedicated to D.M Mortem, please scroll down to the bottom***

I’ve recently come across a growing number people who will claim to be centrists and in that same sentence will say “I’m basically libertarian”. This statement fills me up with a passionate rage. Before I explain why I rage over this seemingly harmless statement, let me give you a little history about my own political bearings.

When I turned 18 years old, I was bleeding heart red conservative, born into a rural small town in upstate New York. My town has almost no diversity, 96 percent white. I voted for John McCain in the 2008 election. I don’t regret my upbringing but my politics were at best ignorant, and at worst just blindly following my parents. I went off to college and discovered diversity which started to open to my mind. About midway through college, I was introduced to libertarianism. I had friends who were libertarian so I decided after hearing what it was that I would join in. At first, my libertarian views were essentially centrist. I didn’t reject the state, I believe that I was fiscally conservative (somewhat ironically) and I was socially liberal. In fact, if you go back to the beginning of this blog there is a post that espouses these views. Now a days, I’m full anarchist with a total rejection of the state.

If you are curious here is the post: Become a Libertarian, Today.

If you have not figured out what my point is yet then let me lay it out simply for you: centrism is not libertarianism, in fact the two ideologies are complete different. The difference is quite simple too, centrism does not reject state. Libertarianism does reject the state. You can’t possibly argue that two ideologies based on different foundations are the same thing. However, this is exactly what centrist do. Sometimes they will refer to themselves as “radical centrists” as if radical means anything in political terms. Usually just refers to how crazy you are.  The best way to see the difference is for me to centrism and then I’ll explain why people think this way.

Radical Centrism: The Borrowing Fence Sitter

The best way to describe centrism is the borrowing of left and right ideologies to create a new “radical” center ideology.  Centrism still requires governments to enforce government to enforce it. For example, typically at least when I was in this political ideology it takes a conservative stance on economics meaning free market and other conservative economic policies. (I won’t go into detail its a whole other post) On social issues like abortion, marriage and others you would take a liberal stance. Again there is nothing that is anti-government about centrism or radical centrism. If you want to read in more detail then here is a start point. Despite my rage for radical centrists conflating libertarianism with a statist ideology, I do understand where the misunderstanding comes from.

Libertarian Party: Ruining actual libertariaism.

I’m not saying that LP is fully responsible for this trend, however I do believe that they market the Libertarian values completely wrong. I remember when I followed them on facebook, they would often post these graphics. There was few of them and they would depict liberal, conservative and libertarian views of each platform issue. However, the two mistakes were that libertarian was in the middle, and that libertarians agreed with some of each the views of liberals and conservatives. This is a falsehood, we don’t agree with state intervention in any issue. I found two examples you can see what I mean below:


The picture above is definitely just as bad or worse than this one below. Libertarianism is not in the center of left or right…..


This sort of marketing really pisses me off because now people believe you can embrace the state while being libertarian which is objectively the opposite goal of libertarians. Now you can argue that Minarchists embrace a small government but if you’re realistic you know government will always grow itself.

Conclusion: Stop Conflating Radical Centrism and Libertarianism 

I want to say again: Centrist is not anti-state, Libertarianism is anti-state. This is the main difference between the two ideologies. If you see anyone try to say otherwise just point this out. The biggest problem with conflating the two is that you are watering down what libertarianism means. Libertarians, anarchist, anarcho-capitalists are all trying to get rid of government because it can’t be trusted, its not effective or efficient. We all believe in the ends of a voluntary society. It wouldn’t make sense for a centrist to say “taxation is theft” because they still support government. My goal here in this post is try to keep the ideologies straight and separated especially when they are totally different. On this particular subject, I can understand why centrists identify as libertarian, especially with LP graphics basically marketing to that specific population of centered ideologies. We have to keep fighting to keep Libertarianism about overthrowing the oppressive yoke of government.

Happy July 4th everyone! Just remember true freedom is drawn from inalienable rights not from pieces of paper or government.

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Darwinism: Natural Anarchy

Have you ever thought that anarchy means chaos? If your answer is duh, obvious you nimrod, then good that is just one definition. Anarchy doesn’t just mean chaos, it can also mean no rulers. In this post, I want to present an abstract argument for Anarchy using Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution. However, before I start I want to set perimeters on the exact scope of what I’m talking about. The main point that I want to convey is that Anarchy operates in the same way as Darwinism. Anarchy as a form of rule uses the principles put forth in Darwinism to help guide how society should be. I will also address some of the criticisms of Anarchy which are actually based on the definition of chaos.  If you don’t know who Charles Darwin is or what his theories here is a link to explain it.

Correlation of Chaos and Survival 

Everyone has heard of “survival of the fittest”, a fairly common nearly cliche phrase. It is usually used to describe a situation where the “strongest” will be the ones to keep going. Chaos is a familiar everyday term to describe things being out of control in some context. Now you have to wonder how these two might be correlated? It would seem that on the surface these phrases have nothing to do with each other. However, if each is taken in a certain context you can see that actually they play off each other quite nicely. For example, in nature, lets say in the jungle you have chaos because there is no government or any sort of higher order. At the same time, you have a natural hierarchy, of predators and prey that create our phrase “survival of the fittest”. The jungle is a good example of how survival of fittest relates to chaos. When you imagine it as jungle really brings together the terms nicely. Now let’s take this one step further.

Theories of Evolution and No Rulers

Darwin saw while on his explorations that species would evolve and adapt to changes in their environments. I think that evolving and adapting are also important to understand in Anarchy. The theory of Anarchy is that there is no need for no rulers. In other words, its self rule or self government. Anarchy is the foremost form of individualism. Now if you combine what Darwin identified as key to life on earth and a form of individualism (Anarchy) then you get a uniquely natural hierarchy of rules. Now just because Anarchy means no rulers doesn’t mean there isn’t rules. Anarchy is too broad of a term that is why I brought in individualism. This suggests that individuals are self rulers with rights.  Natural rights are a part of Anarchy. Individuals must adapt and evolve their behaviors to keep from rights infringement. Now we see it coming together. The survival of the fittest will naturally follow the natural rights, not infringe on others, and adapt to the changes that occur in daily life. Anarchy can easily be molded in any shape it needs because each individual has the ability to adjust as necessary. As long as the right infringement is kept in check by private property, guns and NAP then Anarchy is flexible.

Criticism of Anarchy 

One popular criticism of Anarchy that I see everywhere is that Anarchy means chaos, meaning one could do whatever the hell they want. This is by no means what Anarchy means. Like I have just explain Anarchy rest on individual rights. These rights cannot be infringed. If they are the survival of fittest will decide, in other words, whoever is better equipped to handle these violations. There is also an element of voluntary actions. This leads to another criticism, although more of a strawman. Typically the critic will say “Ok but what if a violent contingent of crazies moves into your neighborhood and violates your rights constantly.” This argument is nonsense. First, its in anarchy its a voluntary movement and its not like everyone has to participate. There will always other collectivist nations and violent states for people like. Secondly, even if that did happen, you don’t think Anarchist are armed to teeth? You will be very sorry to mess with us. This strawman argument also forgets to account for the Darwinism inherently built into Anarchy. The survival of fittest is the rule of law in society, each individual has their rights and cannot be infringed without consequences. Individuals that live like this will be evolved and adapted to infringement.


Darwinism and Anarchy go hand in hand. Without one you couldn’t possibly have the other. Anarchy operates on the principle of Darwinism. It depends on the natural course of things to help keep individuals in check. I strongly believe that collectivism is unnatural to nature. Animals do collectivize in a sense of packs or herds, yes. However, there is no government forcing them, its just each individual following the rules and norms of the herd and pack. It always amazes me that people are tricked by a lifetime under oppressive government rule that its only the way to run a society. I think as a society we have a long way to go. We need to understand the basics of human nature. Greed and self interest run the human psychology. Once you understand this, then add in Darwinism and basic supply and demand economics you can start to fathom how Anarchy might be the best possible version of society.

Thanks for reading! Have an amazing day!

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Revisionist Bible: Mid-20th Century Condensed Version

This is a satirical article that is based on the bible’s story. However, I do not claim any historical or religious accuracy. Its purely for humor. Enjoy. 

Genesis: God Creates Soviet Russia

(1) In the beginning, God created the Soviet Russia in all its glory, Moscow, Stalingrad, Petersburg, Siberia, and the great darkness became the light of genocide. (2) In the second day, God created the Russian winter, to deter and defeat enemies. The extreme temperatures and many feet of snow helped create a barrier from the outside world. (3) In the third day, God created the gulags, deep in Siberia during the coldest winter months, God said let there be gulags for political dissidents and those that disagreed with him. (4) In the fourth day, god created capitalism and communism, so there could be a divide between Soviet Russia and the West. (5) In the fifth day, God created the West, with all its gross overspending and capitalist pig habits. (6) In the sixth day, God created Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx, a proverbial Adam and Eve power couple made for a match in heaven.  (7) In the seventh day, God rests because there are no prayers to answer since Soviet Russia doesn’t believe in the church. God also just ignores the prayers of the West, whining about gas prices.

Genesis Continued: God creates World War 2

(8) In the days following creation of mid 20th century Russia, God decided that the two entities of the capitalist west and the communist Soviets must fight it out to see who wins his love. (9) In order to sow the seeds of war, God decided it would be fitting to saddle the proud country of Germany with great debt. (10) God creates World War 1 with Germany as the loser, Soviet Russia is unharmed because they are allied with the West. (11) God gifts a young man by the name of Adolf Hitler with great public speaking ability and ambitions. Hitler is deemed by god to be the devil’s fallen angel. (12) God gives Hitler the hatred of Jews because it wouldn’t be a good story without irony. (13) God guides Hitler into power of Germany, where Hitler writes Mein Kampf which basically proves the devil rages inside of him. (14) God puts Joseph Stalin into power of Soviet Russia, Lenin and the leaders of Russia’s past just weren’t brutal enough. (15) God is happy with his creations so he decides to get some popcorn and watch the fireworks.

Saint Stalin of Gulags 

(1) When God created Joseph Stalin, he made the world’s most benevolent dictator, a man that was capable of more than just another “genocide”. (2) Soviet Russia needed a leader so Joseph Stalin was a perfect fit. (3)  Stalin’s instructions from God were simple: push back against the capitalist West and make sure that Russia reaches it most glorious zenith. (4) Stalin started his reign as dictator as many do, assuming power after the death of a comrade. (5) Stalin’s mortal guide was Saint Karl Marx of the Communist party. (6) Stalin studied in Marx’s theory of communism, he read the communist manifesto. (7) God created Marx and communism as the vehicle that Stalin would ride to Soviet glory, a poorly produced, oft broken down vehicle at best. (8) After Father Lenin died tragically after his bullshit Bolshevik revolution, young Stalin went hard in the paint. (9) Stalin was able to assume the position of supreme leader of Russia. (10) Stalin decided that his first mission would be to purify the population of Russia, because Russia couldn’t rise to glory without a uniform Russian population. (11) Stalin’s first actions in as supreme leader were to cleanse his very comrades that helped him get there. (12) The purge of government and military personnel was one of Stalin’s most noble accomplishments, for there could be only be ‘yes men’. (13) Stalin knew that just getting rid of the bad seeds in power wouldn’t be enough, so he created the gulag. (14) When God created the great Soviet Russia, he made Siberia for gulags because it was desolate, cold, and dark. (15) Stalin decided that the best way to purify the population would be to create 5 year plans which include the collectivization of food and resources. (16) These collectives would force all Russian citizens to give all their grain or products they produced which would then be redistributed. (17) Stalin formulated this plan to seek out the loyalest of citizens, those who tried to subvert this system would be caught and sent directly to gulag. (18) In order to catch these dissidents, Stalin had spies everywhere. (19) The combination of spies and starvation created the greatest Soviet Russia possible! (20) Millions upon millions starved, God smiled upon Stalin and keep him in power for 30 years!

The West: Ignore to Start the War! 

To be continued in Part 2 of Mid 20th century Revisionists Bible….Stay tuned!

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Pedophilia–No Justifications.

I have an infinite amount of crude humor jokes, however there are two subjects on which I have never joked about. One of those is pedophilia. To date, I’ve never written on this subject anywhere. It has come to my attention in the recent weeks that Twitter allows for the continuation of accounts that promote and actively participate in pedophilia.  Twitter won”t delete these horrifying accounts even when reported. Twitter is complicit in a scheme to normalize pedophilia. Its absolutely disgusting. Nothing angers me more than people who actively pursue child or try to defend it. This post is extremely serious and an issue I feel needs to be discussed more often in the public discourse. I’m going to make my points very short and straight to my point.

Twitter is Complicit to Pedophilia 

I’m on Twitter as I often advertise. One of things I can’t stand about Twitter is their complicit regard of pedophilia. What possible reason could they have for allowing something this evil to be on their platform? I can’t even fathom the reason to be honest. I’ve been debating just deleting my twitter because of it. It makes actually sick that they would support these human scumbags. Its disgusting.


I find no conceivable arguments for pedophilia. There is no legal or moral justifications for this kind of predatory behavior.  All evidence points to it being wrong in every sense. A child cannot consent. There is no way around it. Also, don’t try to bring in your flaw politics to fit your disgusting views. Especially, the Anarcho-communist, trying to the say that because there is no rules it means chaos which justifies their disgusting actions. First off, Anarchy doesn’t mean chaos, it means no rulers. NOT NO RULES. Get through your thick heads. Morally its just wrong on every level. These scumbags deserve to be killed. It may sound harsh but pursuing a child sexually is akin to rape. They can’t consent much less know what’s going on. Many children’s lives have been RUINED because of it. We must put a stop to it.

Stop Defending Pedos

If you are trying to defend pedophiles, you are part of the problem. There is no doubt that you are probably are pedophile yourself. Defending these scumbags is the same. Like I said, its wrong on every level. Children cannot consent, its akin to rape. Stop defending them. We have to take action by calling out these sickos. I am done with this shit.

Actions To Stop Pedophilia

I think the first and most obvious course of action is to make aware of the problem that exist. This blog post serves exactly that purpose. The second action will be to put these scumbag pedos in jail and locked away from the children. The third and final action will be eliminate them from the human population. Its obviously controversial, but these predators cannot be fixed. Its an illness that can’t be cured. The illness hurts OTHERS not the individual themselves. Its only logical that the solution is to kill these sick minded individuals to keep them from reproducing and further hurting more children,

Please take action and make sure you report and call out all Pedophiles and defenders.

For the sake of the children.

Thank you for reading.

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“To the Miserable Craving Company” —(Guest Blogger Post)

We are living in a time of transition, and perhaps that is why we cannot seem to grasp the change approaching, whether we like it or not. Change is hard, the unknown is terrifying. This might be why we cannot seem to treat people as they deserve unless the government regulates it, and lets you know exactly how, when, why, where, and who you should be nice to. Are we really reaching that level of pathetic? Are we really this disillusioned and broken? Honestly, it hurts me every single day to know what is going on, the lies, corruption, slavery, theft, and darkness working behind the population as they happily wear their blinders, and focus on the new American Idol contestant. This is a common idea from many people, that this world is controlled by evil and we just don’t have a damn chance. I’ve spoken to friends and family about the anarcho-capitalist ideology, or even just some of the “conspiracies” that turned out to be true, and the evil that still lurks there. The response is always, “Well, its terrible but what are WE going to be able to do?”

And there it is, the problem. People want change, but won’t help. People are depressed, yet they are rolling around in piles of money. Why? The willing ignorance of the population is the problem with this world. I feel very sad for these people, simply because they’ve been absolutely bamboozled. Lied to, stolen from, owned before they leave the womb. Here’s an example: We’re supposed go to preschool, then elementary, then junior high, learn to drive at 16, then high school, then college in 20s, then career, then marriage and family, then misery, then death. This is expected by every person before they even enter the world. It just doesn’t seem like a very voluntary society when those who think outside of the box are considered weird, lame, and unsuccessful, because it’s nearly impossible to pursue a life separate of a college degree, and don’t forget the expense on that. They aren’t the problem, the problem is focusing on one type of human, and expecting everyone else to conform. If you set up society for people whom only fit in a rectangle, the people who fit into circles will be left behind immediately.

I wish it was simple, and people were just dumb, and all they needed was guidance. I used to believe this, I used to have a lot of hope that we’d all come around, we’d all come together. However, as time moves on, that hope is slowing fading away. I just feel suffering, I hear suffering, I see suffering. When I go out in public now, I rarely see a smile from anyone. We’re pulling away from each other, we’re losing what held our structure, our society, from collapsing. I don’t believe that humans are inherently evil, that does nothing but ruin what we truly are. Why are we different from animals? Why the hell do you think we’ve made it this far, do you really think it’s because of violence or religion? My personal opinion is nope.

People will disagree with me, but this is my opinion. What got us to this point was our ability to not only recognize our emotions, but to use them to our benefit. We felt love, compassion, empathy, and togetherness. Of course our ability to think critically also contributed, but I don’t believe it’s the only thing that pushed us forward. It’s our ability to not only feel, but know what we’re feeling, and also be aware of what we are. Perhaps this ability is more of a curse than a blessing. Perhaps existence itself is the pain inside, because you aren’t even sure what the hell the emotions are supposed to be for. I think people are confused thanks to media, the media that ignores our natural instincts that help us through life. That’s why those extincts are there to begin with.

This is a long rant, more than anything, but this all has a point. My point is, open your eyes. You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to like me, and you can think I’m an idiot, but please, look around. Do you ever ask yourself why people are unhappy? Do you ever ask yourself what you believe in? Would you die for it? Would you die for the people you claim to love? Do you even know who you are?

I know a lot of people who ask themselves these questions everyday and will never know the answer. That is the problem with our society. We have stopped loving each other for our uniqueness, and our ability to use our power of self awareness, to our benefit and not our detriment. If we focused more on empathy, and less on anger, we will begin to improve. Unfortunately, most are conditioned to feel this is stupid, or unattainable, so please, ask yourself the questions. Are you conditioned by society? Are you happy?

I can only hope you find the answers you truly need. Existence itself is a painful adventure, but let’s make the fucking best of it.

Thanks for reading. This post was written by my good friend, Madison. She is another anarcho-capitalist from Twitter and brings a very unique perspective. I encourage you to follow her @jawpop on Twitter. Make sure to let her know you enjoyed it! 

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Feminist: NOT THOSE RIGHTS!!!!

Don’t let the title throw you off. Keep reading. I promise this blog post is going to be entertaining. Hopefully not too long either. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies…. I’m married to one, I enjoy conversing with them. But there are some ladies and disturbingly some men who are “feminists”. This breed of political activist or maybe its sexitvist? I don’t KNOW. But anyway I have problems with feminist and what they try to advocate as a means of getting women on a equal level with men. I even hate that language, which I’ll get into. In this post, I want to brief go over why feminism makes no sense in how they go about achieving their unrealistic aims. I consider myself very much pro-women. There is no doubt in my mind that a woman could do exactly if not more than I can.

The Basics: Biological Differences

One thing that feminism tries and *fails* to address is the biological differences between men and women. Women have the advantages of birthing, emotional thinking, and nurturing. Meanwhile, as a man, we have brute strength, logical thinking, and leadership (Society would suggest this, not saying that a woman couldn’t lead)  These can’t be reconciled by any law or legislative action. We just accept that the differences exist and play off the strengths of each.

Equal Rights

Feminists try to argue that they want “Equal Rights” for women. The means of doing is primarily by men hating. I can tell you that from watching the movement its not really working. They try to lobby for legislation but the reality is that equal pay and voting rights are already laws. I have a problem with equal rights. Inherently there will never be true equality. I like to say its selective rights because they only want certain ones and not others. Someone is always at a disadvantage. The equal of opportunity is most important. Also, the pay gap between genders is always their argument for feminism. However, when asked why companies don’t just hire women because they supposedly cheaper to hire, the answer isn’t logical. They deny this and just scream some autistic bullshit that I don’t understand. The fact is that equal rights is a pipe dream, pay gap doesn’t really exist and that if you wanted feminism to work you would advocate for equal of opportunity.

Language of Feminism

I’m not a linguistics expert but I have a healthy knowledge of what words mean in different contexts. I want to expand on my criticism of equal rights. My problem is that equal doesn’t necessarily mean fair. For example, If we both have 12 apples lets say. We have an equal number of apples correct? Now, lets say your apples are rotten. We still an equal number of apples, 12 but now is it fair that you got 12 rotten apples? No. You can see why equal isn’t fair. Rights are something that you just have. They can drawn from many sources like property or person but nobody gives you rights. The government is supposed to protect them, but they do a shitty job. Feminist have shown a lack of understanding of rights. For example: Its a not right to have to equal pay.  It is a right however, to be fairly judged and deemed worthy by an employer.  Then compensated as such.

Strengths of Women

What feminism really fails to grasp and push is the fact that women are already great. I have too many examples of women, who absolutely kill it everyday. My own wife being one of them. She works two jobs and somehow manages to keep my ass in line. That’s a true skill. On a more personal and general level, I believe that women possess something unique in their ability to think emotionally. This is something I struggle with daily. I have a lack of emotions, often I feel nothing inside. I don’t know how to express my emotions because when I do have them, I can’t control or focus them in a good way.  In comparison, nearly every woman I know has an uncanny ability to use emotions as intelligence. Where do they get from? I think its natural. They are able to navigate my emotions better than I can on my own. They also pick up on things that I never see about myself.

I always try to learn as much as I can from women when talking to them because they have skills that I lack. In addition, I think the best way to support women is by just listening to them and helping them just like you would do for your fellow man. Speaking of men, male feminists need to get a life. Nothing is worse than a beta male. Be a real man, do the manly things for your lady. The goal is for her to actually beat you despite your alpha-ness. Its more a compliment to the lady if she can achieve as much as or more than you.

My point is that women deserve some credit for being great. They don’t need some off-the-rail political movement to help them. They just need men and other women to take them seriously as leaders, job candidates and more. Just remember equal of opportunity is always the better way forward.

Thank you for reading! Especially the Ladies 😉

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